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Remove extra scroll bars in Excel

If you seem to have extra scroll bars in an Excel spreadsheet and finding it hard to control where the spreadsheet should look, you may have a split screen view. Very useful in some cases but it can easily be confusing. To see how split screens can be useful have a look at our tutorial on viewing multiple worksheets in Excel. If however you want to remove these extra scroll bars in Excel you can follow the steps below.

YouTube Remove extra scroll bars on your spreadsheet

More than one scrollbar vertically/ horizontally

As shown below, it looks like this spreadsheet has a problem in that it seems to have too many scrollbars and you will notice the slightly thicker than freeze pane dividers (1 and 2 below). This is a feature in Excel called Split Panes and you can see more about how useful it is in our viewing multiple spreadsheet windows tutorial.

Remove extra scroll bars in Excel

How to remove these extra scrollbars

If however you just want to remove them, it is very simple. If you want to remove everything in one go just go to the VIEW ribbon and click on the SPLIT button as shown below.

Remove extra scroll bars in Excel

The other alternative is just to double click on the divider you want to remove. So below, by double clicking on (1) the vertical divider (and extra scrollbar) will be removed, and double clicking on (2) will remove the extra horizonal scrollbar.

Remove extra scroll bars in Excel

Excel scroll bars missing

Excel scroll bars not working

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