Reverse Homework MS Excel Training

We recently launched a new way to conduct training courses in MS Excel. The Reverse Homework MS Excel Training is sometimes also referred to as the Reversed Classroom or Flipped Classroom. It is just a fancy way of explaining how lots of people learn in the modern world.

With the availability of the internet, almost any question can be answered online. It does not mean you have mastered it, but you are heading in the right direction. Only when you get stuck in and try and implement, do you start mastering the subject.

With that in mind, our Reverse Homework MS Excel training combines the best of both online and live training to get you on your way to mastering MS Excel.

The concept is simple yet powerful.

  • Do a structured course online by watching video clips and reading the text.
  • Try the examples out on your own based on what you learnt online
  • Then attend a classroom environment where you focus on the examples that gave you problems, but more importantly in the MS Excel world, where you can bring your own examples and get help in implementing what you learnt on your own work.

In MS Excel there are lots of tips and tricks which are just show and tell. Once you’ve seen them you either will or won’t use it. There is nothing more to explain. These can be learnt in your on time. For example have a look at the free tips and tricks we offer.

But then there are other tools and functions that require showing, and then how it can be used. A great example is VLOOKUP. It is straightforward to learn and you can easily watch a video clip. But do you know all the ways it can be used?

  • Do you know how you can use the TRUE option at the end?
  • Do you know that it can replace nested IF’s?
  • Do you know that you can look up a partial lookup e.g. Audit in AuditExcel?
  • Do you know the functions that can be used to mimic a VLOOKUP but get rid of its weaknesses?

These questions are best answered when you are in the classroom and an expert can guide you on what you need to know at that point in your Excel learning curve.

For more on Reverse Homework MS Excel Training have a look at the training options available and an explanation of its benefits. If this interests you, forward it to your Human Resources or Learning and Development departments or send us an email at .