Reward, Find next duplicate, Convert ‘text’ to number, Next Excel Training Dates

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Excel-Quick-Reference-Guide-pg-1Reward- Quick Reference Guide

As a reward for being a regular reader, we have made available the quick reference guide we hand out in the courses.

The guide covers $, IF, VLOOKUP, SUMIF, DATES, Shortcuts and more. Send this to your training department Excel-Quick-Reference-Guide-pg-2and ask them to:

  • Print it in colour, double sided
  • A3 or A4 (A3 is better)
  • Laminate it
  • Distribute to all staff to keep on your desks

Read more

Next Excel Courses

Email us if you need more details or visit the calendar page

Numbers seen as ‘text’

Excel sometimes see numbers as if it was ‘text’ and refuses to work with the numbers. There are a few ways to (easily) fix this…  Read more

In Houses Courses

We are frequently asked if we can offer courses to clients at their premises. The answer is yes and the major benefits are:

  • Cheaper on a per person basis
  • Can be customised to suit your exact needs
  • Can be flexible with period over which it is presented.

For more information give us you group size and we can provide an estimate. Email us

Data table has the same value for all results

When you run a data table, it sometimes looks like it is wrong as all the cells have the same result. To fix this…. Read More

How to use the new online courses

Instructions on how to use the new online Excel training course. We will be launching modules of the live courses over the next few months. Read More

Convert anything to anything (mm to inches, years to seconds)

Hidden in the Engineering functions is a function that allows you to easily convert from almost any metric to any other metric … Read More

Excel Skills Transfer

We have developed a new Excel Skills Transfer Product to enable a more thorough transfer of our Excel skills. The product is for corporates who want to ensure that their training budget is used in the best possible way.  Read more

Find the next matching duplicate

Use a hyperlink to easily move from one duplicate to the next when analyzing list or reconciling accounts … Read More

Excel Skills Assessment

Did you know that our Excel Skills Assessment is now being used by overseas companies to assess their entire workforce? Read More

VLOOKUP Explained

Do you need to join databases, age debtors or reconcile account?   Read more