Russia 2018 World Cup Spreadsheet FAQ

If you are running our Russia 2018 World Cup Spreadsheet some FAQ’s below and ideas to enhance the experience:

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Tiebreaks at Russia 2018 with lots or disciplinary records

Good news. Years ago we built in a fail safe feature for this very event. Although the Russia 2018 Sweepstakes spreadsheet does not allow you to enter cards received (and definitely not lots drawn), we have built in an override in the automatic scoring once the knockout phase is reached.

On the KnockOutWeb sheet in C3 is a cell that says Overwrite/ Calculate. This decides whether the spreadsheet continues to use its group standings or not.

Russia 2018 Tiebreak by lots

So if the placings differ from what the spreadsheet calculated due, for example, to lots drawn, we will override the spreadsheet from our side and the matches will proceed as normal. This will not change what the spreadsheet says the group standings are, but this will not affect the sweepstakes scoring during the group phase (as it was based on the matches themselves), and won’t affect the teams progressing to the knockout as we can override it from our side.

If you are rather entering the scores yourself, send us a mail and we will tell you how to do this manually.

Disable Automatic Update of scores

If you would prefer to enter the scores yourself, you can disable the automatic update of scores. In order to do this, go to the ActualResultsWeb sheet and

  • Right click on any one of the scores and choose the ‘Data Range Properties’


  • In the next screen, UNTICK the ‘Save Query Definition’. This means that you can now enter the scores yourself.


  • You will need to do the same thing on the next 2 sheets (KnockOutWeb and Weblink) to completely switch off the automatic updates.

Switch off non Players

If you haven’t used up all the player tabs, some of these will score points with 0-0 scores. To stop seeing these in the results do the following:

  • Save a backup in case you do something wrong.
  • Go to the ‘Overall Pnts’ sheet and open up all the rows if they aren’t opened already by clicking on the filter and ticking Select All

  • Go to all the non players- normally under Player Name it will say Player 10 etc, and delete the adjacent cells in column N (see below red circle). Only delete the non players. Leave the cells with your players alone

Russia 2018 FAQ

  • You can now put the filter on again so the chart only shows your players

WARNING: Don’t sort the players anywhere. The spreadsheet does this itself

Other questions asked

  • If the scores aren’t updating make sure you have Enabled Data Connections when you opened the file
  • You can change the sheet names if you want to make it easier