Scan barcodes into excel

Scan barcodes into excel

scan-barcodes-into-excelA recurring question we have received is how to scan barcodes into Excel to avoid finger trouble and increase the speed of the process.

The Excel side of this is easy. Once you have the barcodes in Excel you can pull through product names and do pretty much anything you want. But how can you get it into Excel in the easiest, quickest and safest way?

Commercial barcode scanners generally come with an option to link into Excel so if you need this done often and in volume you may need to consider this.

But another option is to use your smartphone! If you look in your App store (depending on whether you are using Android or Apple) you will find a variety of options, both free and paid for.

We searched under “barcode scanner into excel” and found some useful tools. In the apps we tried out you could either email yourself the file or export it into Excel and then pull it off your smartphone.

Much easier than trying to read the small printed numbers and (correctly) capture them.