Select visible cells button

A common requirement when using Excel is to only copy the visible cells in a spreadsheet. So if you have a few hidden columns you may want to copy the columns around it without also copying the hidden cells. You can do this via the GOTO SPECIAL tool but it requires multiple clicks. In order to create a ‘select visible cells button’ in Excel you can one of the following steps.

YouTube Visible cells only button and shortcut

Option 1: Shortcut keystrokes to select visible cells only

Highlight the cells and click ALT & ;

Option 2: Select Visible Cells Shortcut button

First right click in your Quick Access Toolbar (look for the undo/ redo buttons) and click on Customise Quick Access Toolbar as shown below.


Change the option to ALL COMMANDS and then scroll down until you find the ‘Select Visible Cells’ button.


Click the Add button.

The button will now be added to you Quick Access Toolbar and in future you can

  • highlight a group of cells,
  • click this button and
  • then click copy and only the visible cells will be copied.

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