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1. How do you copy from Excel (see 1 below) and paste into Word (2) WITHOUT seeing the filter button, gridlines, comment notes and more?

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2. What is the shortcut to ONLY select the visible cells? Guess, then click 'See Answer' as it can be done.


Separating Lines within a cell

If I understand the query below correctly, the one idea is to type some words in a cell, and then, while holding the ALT key down, click ENTER. Within the cell you will get another line. Hope this helps.

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I have viewed thru your web, it has very useful tips about excel. However, I do have a problem of entry multiple lines in a single cell. It is like you copy a multiple lines of notepad texts direct into the cell by click on the text bar and right click and paste. These multiple lines do not affected by wrap function. Also, I do not hope to always type in notepad and copy over to excel cell. Do you have any trick on this that allow me to do direct entry (maybe by adding some ascii code etc) ?






Write paragraphs in Excel