South African elections 2014- Please Vote

South African elections 2014

With the upcoming South African elections 2014 on the 7th May 2014, a number of people have suggested not voting or spoiling their vote. Others couldn’t be bothered.

But in the Excel spreadsheet calculator below we show that not voting (or spoiling your vote) has the same impact as if you voted the same way as last time.

For simplicity we have just shown the winning party and ‘others’ and have assumed that the undecided are proportional between the winning party and others.

You can play with the blue cell below to see the impact at different percentages is. We have chosen 15% as a starting number but you are welcome to try any percentage.

If you can’t see a calculator below (give it a few seconds though), click on the South African Elections Calculator 2014

Please vote, no matter what.

As an extra incentive, we will give you a free copy of our Excel Dates book. All you need to do is send us a picture of your finger with the mark for voting on it.