Spreadsheet Professional Download and Support

Please note that the MS Excel financial model auditing software, ‘Spreadsheet Professional’, will no longer be supported by us. With Spreadsheet Innovations no longer supporting the add-in, we have moved onto a new financial model auditing tool. You can see more on our free Financial Model Auditing Online Course. See below with regards your option for the latest Spreadsheet Professional download.

Update Spreadsheet Professional Add-In to latest version

We are however happy, and have permission, to provide anyone worldwide, who has a valid licence, an update to the latest version of Spreadsheet Professional (Spreadsheet Professional v6.0) Add-In.

Spreadsheet Professional Download

Please send an email to info@AuditExcel.co.za with proof of licence and we will provide a link to the latest Spreadsheet Professional Add-In download we have.

Alternate Financial Model Auditing Tool

If you knew the benefits of Spreadsheet Professional, you will love the new financial model auditing add-in we have found. Covering all the areas the made Spreadsheet Professional great, it includes a number of new tools and is continuously evolving as MS Excel improves.

Features include:

  • cell colouring for financial model mapping (find the inconsistent formula)
  • financial model flow analysis (understand why you cannot delete a sheet without causing errors)
  • detailed financial model function analysis (find the risky functions and audit them for correctness)

With financial models and spreadsheets continuing to be in the news for errors found in them, this is the time to make sure you have every advantage when it comes to finding these spreadsheet errors quickly and easily.

Have a look, get a free trial copy, and learn how to audit a financial model on the free auditing an Excel spreadsheet online course.