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Sweepstakes Kit for Euro 2016

Update: See all our latest fun office pool sweepstake spreadsheets for sporting events

Euro 2016 Office Pool Spreadsheet

If you are thinking of running a sweepstakes, and want to find a sweepstakes kit for Euro 2016 you can do one of 2 things:

  1. Run a simple paper based sweepstakes, or
  2. Run a Euro 2016 score prediction sweepstakes, which is fully automated and spreadsheet based.

Paper based Sweepstakes Kit for Euro 2016

If you want to run a paper based sweepstakes you can create it yourself, or else go and look at one of the many websites that offer a simple download that you can download, print, cut out and run.

Some of the ones we found include (but their are lots more if you do a google search):

Spreadsheet based Sweepstakes Kit for Euro 2016

Alternatively, you can run a more sophisticated sweepstakes using the ourĀ Euro 2016 spreadsheet.

With this version, all players can try and predict all the group stages matches and then follow through with predictions on all the knock out matches right to the finals.

Once this is done and set up, the organizer (presumably you if you are reading this), needs to only open the spreadsheet.

We will update the actual scores on our side and when you open the spreadsheet it will automatically update the match scores as well as the sweepstakes scoring.

See more in the video below