Unhide multiple sheets in Excel- updated Excel feature

Until recently, it has not been possible to unhide multiple sheets in Excel. You have to unhide these sheets one by one or else get an add-in. However, the most recent update (see details below) now allows multiple unhides of sheets in one go.

YouTube Unhide multiple sheets at same time

Unhide multiple sheets at once- non adjacent Excel sheets

The process is simple and involves the SHIFT or CTRL key. The first step is the same as usual i.e. right click on any sheet and click UNHIDE.

Unhide multiple sheets in Excel at the same time

Previously you could only select one sheet and then had to click OK, then repeat the process. However, now, by holding the CTRL key down you can select multiple non-adjacent sheets and then click OK to unhide all the chosen sheets as shown below

Unhide multiple sheets in Excel at the same time- non-adjacent

Unhide multiple sheets at once- adjacent Excel sheets

You can use the CTRL button above and choose either non-adjacent or adjacent sheets, but if you have lots to choose that are adjacent then rather use the SHIFT key to achieve the below. To do this:

  • Click on the 1st sheet you want to UNHIDE
  • Hold the SHIFT key down
  • Click on the last sheet you want to UNHIDE (all the sheets between the 1st and last sheet will be highlighted)
  • Click OK to unhide them
Unhide multiple sheets in Excel at the same time- adjacent

Unhide multiple sheets for older versions

The easiest way to check your version, is just to try it out. Hide a few sheets, then see if it allows you to unhide multiple sheets at the same time. If not it could be you need to update your current version or else get a brand new version.

Older versions of Excel cannot do this and you need to either trick it, or else use some VBA code. Some tricks are shown on our old post about unhiding multiple Excel sheets.

One of the options is http://www.grbps.com/addhid.htm which provides a nice, simple interface to unhide multiple sheets at the same time.

Which version of Excel allows unhiding of multiple sheets

For the technical people, the version of Excel that we have that allows this is part of the Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise, Excel Version 2103 (Build 13901.20336). You can find your version by clicking on the FILE ribbon and choosing ACCOUNTS as shown below.

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