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March 2014 Newsletter: Easter Specials, Using Access with Excel, Time zones in Excel

Using Access with Excel

Please remember that we have courses running from 7th– 11th April. Ask us about the Easter special

Excel with Access databaseIn this issue:

Excel Beginner Course

We are running an Excel beginner course on the 3rd April in Midrand (ask us about our Easter specials).

Great for anyone who knows that there is more to Excel but doesn’t have the time to find all the answers themselves and wants to halve the time they spend playing with data. Read more here

Free Skills Assessment

If you haven’t already completed your free skills assessment why not answer these 20 questions to find out where you may need more knowledge.

A typical South African user is currently scoring about 4.5 on the tests. Are you above or below average?

If you know of anyone who wants to improve their Excel skills, please tell them about the online version of the Excel Skills questionnaire where you can get an indicative score with only 5 questions.

Using Access with Excel

MS Access is a common database program available within the Office suite of products. Due to the power of Excel, Access is often forgotten as an option. However, there are times when Access, or a similar database program, would be the better option. Read more here on how to choose which one you should use

Using Access with Excel course

We have created a 3 day Using Access with Excel course which covers the fundamentals of Access and how to use it, and also shows how to get the best out of combining Access with Excel. Read more about it here

Advanced Excel Training

We are running an Advanced Excel course from 7th-9th April in Midrand (ask about our Easter specials).

Our Advanced Excel course will take you from an intermediate user to an advanced user and focuses on the practical uses of Excel with real world examples from our consulting client.

This course is more advanced than the typical Excel level 3 and is beneficial for anyone who works with lots of data and needs to regularly clean the data received and turn it into meaningful information. Read more here

Calculating Timezones in Excel

With the Brazilian World Cup almost here, we have shown how to calculate the times in different time zones using Excel. Read more here

Customised Inhouse Course- Client Testimonial

 From Darlene Hofman, Executive Director, Health & Accident Underwriting Managers

“I have never been a believer in public generic courses for skills training.

The reason is that one attends such a course and the training material centres around, for example “Company XYZ selling widgets” – I don’t think anyone ever attending these courses was from a company selling widgets.

What then happens is the attendee gets back to their company and has no idea how to apply the training to their area of responsibility…” Read More

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Next Excel Courses

Email us if you need more details or visit the calendar page