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1. How do you copy from Excel (see 1 below) and paste into Word (2) WITHOUT seeing the filter button, gridlines, comment notes and more?

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Viewing rows or columns that refuse to open

A problem that sometimes occurs is that you can’t seem to ‘see’ certain rows or columns no matter how you try. There are a couple of possible reasons and you may need to work through them.

First check if they are hidden. Highlight the adjacent columns or rows, right click and say unhide.

If it doesn’t work, check that a Filter is not switched on. Easiest way is to click on the Data Tab and in the filter block click clear.

Still not showing. Maybe the row or column has been made very small. So not actually hidden but too small for a human to see. Double click on the column/ row line and see what happens.

Still not showing? Perhaps the rows or columns have freeze panes switched on? Go to the view tab and switch off the frozen panes.

Hope your problem is solved.

Auto hide/ unhide columns in Excel (without VBA)

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