What is after Excel Level 3

So you attended an Excel level 3 (Advanced) course. Chances are you are a bit disappointed because you seemed to know everything that was taught, but you are fairly sure that there is much more in Excel. You are right. Unfortunately the setup of Excel level 3 being a 1 day advanced course is unrealistic. So what is after Excel level 3? Is there an Excel level 4, 5 and 6?

VBA or Financial Modelling after Excel 3?

The problem is that everyone thinks they now need to go to a VBA or Financial Modelling course (sexy words in the Excel world). The reality is that it is unlikely. Rather do a proper, practical Intermediate and Advanced Excel course.

Excel 3 versus what we consider an Intermediate user

Per our Skills Assessment, below we show what a person on Excel Level 1 (red- beginner), Excel Level 2 (yellow- intermediate) and Excel Level 3 (green- advanced) will learn. The dashed line is how our Excel Skills Assessment ranks an Intermediate user on our scale.

what after excel 3

Note that per our Skills Assessment, the Intermediate user already has all the skills learnt on an Excel Level 3 course. As a result they won’t learn much by attending an Excel 3. With the 5000 skill assessments we have performed, the dashed line above is the average Excel user in South Africa. The chances are very good you already know everything you will be taught on Excel 3.

Below what we consider an Advanced user with the same Intermediate Excel user plotted.

what after excel 3

This Intermediate user has lots more to learn especially when it comes to using the functions and formula. You would never know this if you go to a 1 day Excel 3 course!

So what is after Excel Level 3?

We highly recommend that you do our free skills assessment before you attend one of these standard Excel 1,2 and 3 classes. If you are ranked as anything more than ‘Beginner to Intermediate’ you should not waste your money on these 1 day courses.

An Advanced excel course should be 2 or 3 days long and have plenty of practical, real examples. Classes should be small enough that you can ask your own specific questions as each user has their own specific issues that should be addressed by a skilled presenter. Have a look at our Excel training calendar or the online Excel courses we offer that are matched to our Skills Assessments.

MS Excel training courses in Johannesburg and Cape Town

Want to learn more about Microsoft Excel? If you prefer attending a course and live in South Africa look at the Johannesburg MS Excel 3 Day Advanced Course  or the Cape Town MS Excel 3 Day Advanced training course. If you prefer online learning or live outside South Africa, look at our online MS Excel training courses.