What is PowerPivot

What is PowerPivot

power pivot training coursesPowerPivot is a new ‘free’ tool available in Excel 2010 and Excel 2013 (be careful as it currently does not work in all versions of these two- check if you have it). International experts believe this is a quantum leap in Excel and people like Mr Excel’s Bill Jelen has stated that it is the best thing to happen to Excel in years. But what is PowerPivot?

On the surface it looks like a traditional Pivot Table with some new screens and buttons. However it offers several advantages which include:

  • Easier linking to source data
  • Having multiple databases in the same pivot
  • Ability to create relationships between databases (no more VLOOKUPS)
  • Improved formula to provide meaningful reports
  • Ability to handle more data (100 million rows is possible!)

The end result is an intuitive tool that addresses all the current shortcomings of data analysis with standalone Excel.

If you have ever:

  • worked with Pivot Tables and ended up creating additional formula outside the Pivot area, or
  • wanted to see if there was a relationship between data sources, or
  • wanted to try BI without buying and learning about expensive software, or
  • wanted to create complex formula within a Pivot Table

then you will love PowerPivot.

There has also been significant focus on date related issues. So suddenly it is very easy to pull through historical information to compare to current information and to identify trends and possibilities.

The end result is a tool that seems like an minor adjustment but turns out to be a significant improvement on what is already there.

And best of all if you know how to use Excel then you already know how to do 70% of PowerPivot.

To find out more look at the PowerPivot course