Working days formula in Excel PowerPivot

Working days formula in excel powerpivot

One of the formula we miss in Excel’s new BI tool is a working days formula in Excel PowerPivot. If you use PowerPivot you will notice that the WORKDAYS and NETWORKDAYS formula don’t work in the calculated fields.

In Excel these functions allow you to calculate dates or number of days taking into account weekends and public holidays. In PowerPivot you do not have access to these functions. The main reason is that you have access to a much more powerful feature which is the Date Table.

The Date Table allows you to specify exactly which dates are working or non working days (using the Excel functions for WORKDAY and NETWORKDAYS if you want) and use this table in all your other calculations. You can even use the date table th attach other characteristics to dates e.g. rainy day.

To learn how this can help and everything you can do with the Date Table in PowerPivot you can use our Online PowerPivot training course.



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