World Cup Pools Sweepstakes- Brazil 2014

World Cup Pools

Update: See all our latest fun office pool sweepstake spreadsheets for sporting events

We have updated our World Cup spreadsheet to allow for the running of world cup pools or sweepstakes based on the group results. The spreadsheet allows you to have multiple participants. Each participant completes a separate template and this is aggregated by the organiser in a master template. (in related news Excel predicts England beating Brazil in the final)

The master template will automatically update the scores from the soccer matches and then allocate the points to each participant.

Key features of each spreadsheet is:

Participants Input Sheet

  • Shows teams FIFA Ranking to help with predicting results
  • Creates the group standings based on your group stage predictions
  • Creates the knockout stages and allows for predictions all the way to the finals

Master World Cup Sweepstakes Template

  • Capture all the participants predictions up to the finals winner
  • Automatic updating of the results from the matches
  • Options of how points are allocated for predictions
  • Allocation of points after comparing actuals to predictions

Download your copies from the World Cup Sweepstake Pools page