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Alternative to multiple IF statements May 18, 2022

Once you learn how to build an IF statement you may think that this is the best way to build complex formula. However, there are often better ways. One example is how to avoid multiple IF statements. Commonly these are referred to as nested IF's and are a source of confusion (in building and reviewing) and errors. So is there an alternative to multiple IF statements.

Date Axis in Excel Chart is wrong May 13, 2022

You've built your chart, it all makes sense and suddenly you look at your horizontal axis, and the date axis is wrong. This happens a lot. You expect to see the dates you have in the data but different dates are showing, normally the beginning of month date instead of the end of month date.

REMOVE current selection from data filter May 13, 2022

When using the Data Filter in the newer versions of Excel, you have the ability to search for items that contain some characters. You can then, in one step choose to add the items to the existing filter using the 'Add Current Selection to filter' tick box. However it is not as obvious how to 'REMOVE current selection from data filter'.


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