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Reverse Data in Excel August 27, 2017

How can we reverse data in Excel so that it goes from the oldest to the newest. The method used depends on what you are reversing and whether you want it to repeat the process or whether it is a once off.

Export folder and subfolder list to excel August 22, 2017

In a previous post we showed how to export a list of filenames from a folder into Excel. But what can you do to export a list of files AND subfolders AND files in these subfolders into an Excel list? Here we are going to use a small trick in PowerQuery to export folder and subfolder list to Excel.

How to export file names from a folder to excel August 22, 2017

Excel is extremely useful in working with lists, and in the modern world, a common listing requirement is the list of files and folders within a folder. So whether you are just indexing a folder for backup purposes, or you need the names of files in the folder to find missing items, Excel can easily do it. In this post a method of how to export file names from a folder to excel.


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