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Excel negative numbers in red (or another colour) Dec 13, 2021

We highly recommend that negative numbers are clearly shown as such and we prefer brackets around a negative number and that the negative numbers are in red. There are several options to achieve this and a few other useful options related to negative numbers in Excel.

How to find cells with conditional formatting Dec 13, 2021

Conditional formatting is a great way to get Excel to auto format cells depending on some criteria you set up (e.g. turn red if the number is less than 10). However, as conditional formatting is on a cell and not in a cell, it is very difficult to see which cells in Excel have conditional formatting on them unless they are activated.

Decimal commas instead of points in Excel Dec 8, 2021

With the world divided on what the standard is to indicate a decimal number, Excel can sometimes seem confused. This can cause problems for the user especially when they get a new computer or work on someone else's computer. So how do you get decimal commas instead of points in Excel or vica versa?

SUMIFS Value Error Nov 29, 2021

When you use SUMIFS in a formula you may discover that your get a SUMIFS value error. Normally a value error means that one of the references is not a value but in this case the reason is different and more importantly it acts differently to the normal SUMIF.

Difference between IFERROR and ISERROR in Excel Nov 25, 2021

IFERROR and ISERROR are both functions in Excel that help identify and address error messages like #DIV/0!, #N/A and #REF!. The reason you would use either function is to show an alternate answer to the the error message that Excel generates, normally because you don't want it to affect other calculations.


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