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Blog entries covering the latest Excel tricks and tips based on queries from clients and practical knowledge from our consultants.

Reasons NOT to attend a MS Excel VBA training course May 21, 2018

One of the most common queries we get is more information about our MS Excel VBA training course. Although we offer a VBA course and are happy to provide it, we strongly believe in teaching the correct tools to the correct people. We don't want you to waste money on a course when there are easier, more understandable ways to achieve the same thing.

100 Up- Excel course dates guaranteed! May 7, 2018

Microsoft Excel course dates guaranteed! We are pleased to announce that we have run 100 consecutive public Excel courses (since July 2009), with NO CANCELLATIONS! See some of the recent courses on the facebook page.

If not blank then calculate in Excel Mar 9, 2018

If you work with lots of data you will come across cases where you need something to happen if a cell is blank, or the opposite i.e. if not blank then calculate in Excel. Perhaps if the Excel cell is blank the formula must result in a zero, or only cells that are not blank should be calculated.


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