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Blog entries covering the latest Excel tricks and tips based on queries from clients and practical knowledge from our consultants.

IFERROR and VLOOKUP Nov 24, 2021

One of the most common questions is how to combine IFERROR and VLOOKUP to improve the results that VLOOKUP generates. VLOOKUP is a great formula where the error message of #N/A is actually useful and tells you something about your spreadsheet. The problem is that these error messages can affect other calculations in the spreadsheet.

Pivot Table showing deleted data? Nov 22, 2021

When you use Pivot Tables, you may come across situations where it appears that the pivot tables is showing deleted data. Depending on where it is being shown, you may need to try a few options.

Shortcut to insert a symbol in Excel Nov 17, 2021

If you regularly work with Excel and use it to make estimates, reports, quotes etc you may need to make use of symbols that are not available on the keyboard e.g. plus minus ( ± ), copyright ( © ), metres squared ( m² ) etc. What are the ways to enter these symbols, and is there a shortcut to insert a symbol in Excel?

Calculate PAYE for sales people in Excel Nov 15, 2021

... But what about people who earn a variable salary through things like commissions. One month they may shoot the lights out and the next month will be dead. So how do you calculate PAYE for sales people in Excel...

Copy a cell to the left in Excel Nov 11, 2021

In our courses we often see delegates trying to copy cells to the left and making an incorrect assumption on which part of the cell to click when using the mouse. So in order to copy a cell to the left in Excel you need to start in the same place as when you copy right.

Different levels of protecting excel spreadsheets Nov 8, 2021

Microsoft allows different levels of protecting excel spreadsheets and as the versions of Excel progress the protection is becoming more resilient. In this post we show the various protection possibilities, how they work, and when you may want to use then.


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