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How to find cells with external links in Excel Dec 21, 2020

... sometimes you want to find which cells in Excel are using external links. This could be so that you can delete them, remove the link or just better understand what impact the external links are having on your spreadsheet. This post is a description of how to find cells with external links in excel.

CSV now semicolon not comma Nov 21, 2020

Suddenly your Excel CSV's are now semicolon not comma. You can change this back to be a comma or else you can learn how to use semi colons instead of commas for CSV's.

CSV semicolon instead of comma Nov 2, 2020

You work often on CSV files in Excel and suddenly the CSV uses semicolon instead of comma, or comma instead of a semi colon. This sometimes happens when you have changed computers or if you receive the CSV file from a different source.


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