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Explode one section of an Excel pie chart August 8, 2017

Pie Charts are a very popular method of visualising how much an item makes up of a total. Within Pie Charts you can make the 'slices' explode outwards. We don't find this very useful. We do however like to explode one section of an Excel pie chart to emphasise it.

How to safely delete sheets so there are no REF errors August 8, 2017

A common issue in Excel is the fear of deleting sheets that you feel are not required, but result in #REF! errors in the rest of the spreadsheet if you delete them. All to often these sheets are just left in. So the question is how to safely delete sheets so there are no REF errors.

Limit text length in Excel for ID and passport numbers July 24, 2017

You can use Data Validation to stop typo's when people are entering information. So perhaps you want to limit text length in Excel for ID and passport numbers. If it is an ID number then exactly 13 characters must be entered, but if it is another document type then you can allow more or less.

Convert Columns of Budgets and Actuals into database July 24, 2017

If you make use of an accounting package like Syspro or Pastel where you include budget information, you may come across Excel exports that list each budget month and each actual month in their own columns. Ideally this should rather be in a database format where there is a column for the month, a column for the budget amount and a column for the actual amount.

How to remove numbers from text cells in Excel July 24, 2017

A very common problem is how to remove numbers from text cells in Excel. For some reason various systems mix up text and numbers purposefully e.g. Dixon (35208) or accidentally e.g. Ad8am Baum. Either way it should be, and is easy, to fix this in Excel.

Don’t use + to start an Excel formula July 11, 2017

We have previously shown why, especially in South Africa, you shouldn't start an Excel formula with a +. In a recent course we found another reason that you don't use + to start an Excel formula. As a general rule just don't do it.


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