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Insert Copied Cells not working Nov 4, 2021

We regularly use the Insert Copied Cells feature to save time. Otherwise you need to estimate how many columns you need, insert them, copy some columns and then fit them in (and hope you counted right). However, sometimes the 'Insert Copied Cells' option is not available!

How to remove too many cell formats in Excel Nov 3, 2021

The question: I have used sheets in a file that I have previously moved and copied from other files. I continually got the error message: “Too many different cell formats”, and the data became corrupted when someone else tries to open the file...

Copy Data Validation to cells that have data in them Oct 29, 2021

If you use the Data Validation feature in Excel, you may come across situations where you want to put the Data Validation on after there is already data in the cells. If you copy/ paste them in, it overwrites all the data in the cells (which is not what you want).

Summing, Counting, or Averaging visible cells only in Excel Oct 26, 2021

Often when you use tools like filter, grouping or hiding rows in Excel you want to be able to do the summing, counting or averaging of the visible cells only. Alternatively perhaps you just want the total of cells even if there are errors in some of the cells. You want Excel to ignore the cells with errors.

How to put m2 in excel Oct 22, 2021

When working in Excel, you may wonder how to put m² in Excel cells so that it looks like metres squared instead of just m2. It is surprisingly easy. Below what the text looks like normally and with the superscript.


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