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Blog entries covering the latest Excel tricks and tips based on queries from clients and practical knowledge from our consultants.

How to insert blank rows in excel automatically July 10, 2017

...sometimes you have to insert blank rows into a dataset to accommodate some other system. Perhaps your accounting system needs to have a gap between each journal entry. We look at some ways on how to insert blank rows in excel automatically.

Transpose vs Unpivot June 27, 2017

One of the most common data cleanup issues is changing the structure of the data. Perhaps rows need to become columns and columns rows. In some cases you actually may need to turn a report back into a database..... The terminology to get right is whether you want to transpose or unpivot that data.

How to follow an excel link to another sheet/ spreadsheet June 27, 2017

As you work through spreadsheets you will create links to other sheets and spreadsheets. But once it has been created you will need to know how to follow an excel link to another sheet/ spreadsheet. Otherwise you will need to remember each link and hope your memory lasts until you find it.

Two level axis in Excel chart not showing May 29, 2017

A two level axis in Excel charts allows you to show more information on the chart. For example if you want to clearly show items that are actuals versus the items that are budgets or forecasts you may want to set it up to look like this. Note that the first level shows the month name and the second level shows where the actuals and the forecasts start.

Remove spaces in Excel when trim doesn’t work May 15, 2017

An increasingly regular problem is to remove spaces in Excel when TRIM doesn't work. TRIM is a great function for removing any extra spaces before and after a set of characters and limiting any spaces between words to a single space. But sometimes this still doesn't work.


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