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Blog entries covering the latest Excel tricks and tips based on queries from clients and practical knowledge from our consultants.

Finding protected sheets in Excel Mar 23, 2022

When working with Excel and using some of the tools or an add in, you may come across situations where your tool won't run because of protected sheets. If you have lots of sheets it can be quiet tedious to try and find the protected sheets manually. If sheets are hidden you may not even know that there is a protected sheet.

Comparing 3 cells in Excel Mar 17, 2022

There will be times when you need to compare 3 or more cells in MS Excel to generate a desired outcome. So if I am comparing 3 cells in Excel in order to see whether we should immediately hire a candidate or interview them first we could make use of the AND and OR formula.

Conditional formatting based on another sheet Mar 16, 2022

Conditional formatting is a great tool for dashboards and data visualisation. A common query is whether you can have conditional formatting based on another sheet e.g. in Sheet 1 you want cells to black out based on what has been input on Sheet 2.


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