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Blog entries covering the latest Excel tricks and tips based on queries from clients and practical knowledge from our consultants.

Identify positive and negative numbers in excel October 13, 2017

A common requirement in Excel is to identify positive and negative numbers. This is usually to apply a different calculation to it e.g. a positive (credit) bank balance earns say 5% but a negative bank balance (debit or overdraft) incurs an interest charge of 10%.

Close workbook but not Excel (2013, 2016 and up) October 1, 2017

...In earlier versions you could close the workbooks in such a way that you end up with a grey screen (Excel open but no open workbooks) and you could open a new workbook from there. Two ways to achieve the same things in Excel 2013 and up i.e. close the workbook but not Excel...

Reverse Data in Excel August 27, 2017

How can we reverse data in Excel so that it goes from the oldest to the newest. The method used depends on what you are reversing and whether you want it to repeat the process or whether it is a once off.


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