Create your own QR Code

MS Excel can do amazing things, and when combined with some of the great Add Ins available it can do almost anything. A very popular way to get information across to people is using QR codes. This way, a person can point their phone in camera mode at the QR image, and most phones will pick up the image and immediately give the person options. So below you can create your own QR Code.

Go straight to the QR Code Generator or read more about it below.

The options available when using this QR Code Generator are to:

  • Visit a specific webpage, or
  • Send an email to a specific address, or
  • Bring text onto the phone (see why lower down).

The download below enables you to create your own QR Codes, copy the image and paste it on any material. Below some of the features and examples.

Link to webpage

QR Code Webpage Excel Skills AssessmentYou can set the QR code up to take the person to any webpage.

We have also added the ability to, using your Google Analytics or other website analytics software, add some other information about the visitor e.g.

  • the source (‘Billboard’ if the QR code is to be placed on a billboard) and
  • medium/ keyword (perhaps the words QR Code to indicate that the QR code was used)

Switch your camera on and point your phone at the adjacent QR code and see where it takes you.

Sending Email

QR Code Email AddressYou can set the QR Code to create an email on the person’s phone with your email address already inserted. This way all the person has to do is click to send.

We have also added the ability to pre populate the subject line. For example if they click on a QR code offering some form of discount, the subject will say something like ‘Please tell me more about the xyz discount’.

Point your phone at the adjacent QR code to see what the email will say.


QR Code TextYou can set the QR Code to place some text onto the persons phone (normally in something like notepad).

This way they can then copy the text or parts of it and use it elsewhere e.g. account numbers to paste into their banking apps.

In the adjacent QR code see how easily you can get our phone number and email address onto your phone (probably notepad) after which you can copy and paste it into your contacts.

Now create your own QR Code

Click on the link below and it will open up in a new tab. Then follow the instructions depending on which one you want to use.

QR Code Generator