Pdf to Excel

Pdf to ExcelOne of the most common problems/ complaints is the difficulty of getting information from a PDF to Excel. You can try a copy and paste but inevitably this results in information going across cells and you end up spending as much time cleaning up the data as it would take to re type it in.

With years of (painful) experience and waiting for Microsoft to make this available (you can go from Excel to pdf very easily but not the other way around) we have realised that the best thing is to get a PDF to Excel converter.

To see how Able2Extract can convert PDF’s into Excel, have a look at the blog post on Converting PDF’s in Excel. Here we show how this effective tool can address:

  • Merged Cells
  • Alignment issues that cause multiple columns where there should be only one
  • Wrapped Text
  • Batched conversion from PDF to Excel to handle monthly PDF’s reports

We have found that the offering from Able2Extract works best for us. You can find out more about it at Able2Extract