Spreadsheet Testing Tool

Spreadsheet Professional by Spreadsheet Innovations is the world’s most comprehensive spreadsheet testing tool.

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spreadsheet testing tool

Spreadsheet Professional will automatically test for the following in all the current versions of Excel up to Excel 2013:

  • the most common excel errors
  • generate a full list of Excel Spreadsheet Documentation
  • provide tools to build more accurate Excel spreadsheets quickly
  • provide tools to assist with using spreadsheets enable you to compare two spreadsheets to see what has changed.

Download a trial copy and try it out while using it on some example spreadsheets – Spreadsheet Professional Trial Copy

Spreadsheet Professional

Excel spreadsheets are notoriously difficult to control. The very features that make them so useful, also make them risky i.e. flexibility, ease of use and transfer-ability.

For more details, below we show how Spreadsheet Professional can address some of your concerns.

Testing Excel Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet Professional is a world leader in testing excel spreadsheets. By incorporating its tools into a formal testing process you can reduce your testing time by up to 80% and achieve more thorough testing.

Use can be made of the following features:

Documenting Excel Spreadsheets

Struggling to keep track of what is in your spreadsheet? Auditors asking for some spreadsheet documentation? Spreadsheet Professional generates the following for your Excel Spreadsheets

  • Summary report
  • Range Names and Links to other workbooks
  • Spreadsheet maps
  • Translation of all calculations into meaningful words
  • Report of all cells that require inputs
  • Report of all inputs in the spreadsheet
  • Results of general test performed
  • Results of detailed tests performed.
  • Visual representation of the formula in any cell and all the cells that are used to get the result
  • Differences between two versions of a spreadsheet.
  • Watch Spreadsheet Professional document Excel spreadsheets

Comparing versions of Excel spreadsheets

If you create multiple versions of spreadsheets, it is difficult to know exactly what has changed from one version to the next. The comparison tool allows you to do this automatically.

Downloads and other information

Spreadsheet Professional Video Tutorials (click to watch)


  • A single license for the software costs R4 500 excl VAT (£295/ $425)
  • The training material can be purchased for R450 excl VAT (£30/ $43)
  • We provide a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Buy it online from our shop

Contact us at adrian@AuditExcel.co.za to arrange the purchase or go to the purchase page.

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