Pdf to Excel

One of the most common problems/ complaints is the difficulty of getting information from a PDF to Excel. You can try copy and paste but inevitably this results in information going across cells and you end up spending as much time cleaning up the data as would take to re type it in.

Which Excel Formula to use Which Excel formula to use

One of the most common questions we get asked is NOT how to do a particular formula or function but rather which excel formula to use. As a result we have created a simple 5 question app to help guide Excel users on which function, formula or tool is best suited to what they are trying to achieve.

Retirement Planning Retirement planning is critical

Retirement is one of the most uncertain times in a persons life when it comes to finances. For this reason, proper retirement planning is needed long in advance. This spreadsheet can help you determine whether your current level of savings will be sufficient enough to last you during your retirement.

IRR Calculator Learn about IRR (Internal Rate of Return)

IRR (Internal Rate of Return) is increasingly becoming a requirement when dealing with financial transactions and more importantly in the lives of individuals who have loans or are trying to start a business. Try our free calculator.

E tolls calculator Check your E Toll accounts!

If you are worried about whether your E Tolls account is correct and find it very difficult to wade through all the little transactions to identify errors, the E Tolls Calculator is for you. Once you have downloaded a CSV file from your SANRAL account, you can paste it into the calculator and let it look for anomalies in the tolls charged.

School Education Calculator Helping your children succeed

Education is becoming one of the most critical requirements for success in the modern world. At the same time the costs associated with it are increasing at rates significantly above normal inflation. This is why you should start planning and saving as soon as possible.

Home Loan Calculator Staying one step ahead

A home is one of you most significant investments and requires a mortgage loan. However, most people don’t understand how these loans work and what the impact is if you make quicker repayments. This calculator shows how seemingly small additional payments can make a significant difference over the life of the loan.


We aim to provide the ultimate, one stop shop for all Excel users requirements, within South Africa and worldwide.

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