Microsoft Excel Consulting

Our MS Excel spreadsheet consultants will help you with any of your Excel consulting requirements. If you have a complex business or process to model, we have experts in all industries who can help. Feasibilities,  valuations, budget templates, forecasting, reporting packages, cost cutting exercises and more. Clients include the likes of MTN, Vodacom and Anglogold Ashanti.

If you are looking to hire your own Advanced Excel users and need Excel tests to interview candidates, rather look at our new Excel Skills Assessment website which helps you ensure that the skill level claimed on the CV matches the actual Excel skill level.

Send us an email with a description of what you want.

Some case studies and examples of the types of Excel consulting we have been involved in include:

FP&A Process Optimisation Excel Consulting & Services

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Process Optimisation- using ONLY your existing software (no new licence fees) and your existing staff.

Tracking spreadsheets in Excel Excel Consulting & Services

Building tracking spreadsheets using Excel. From document flows, to sales pipelines, Excel is commonly (badly) used to track key aspects of a business. With some planning and use of the correct tools in Excel you can dramatically improve your business.

Thomson Reuters Excel templates Excel Consulting & Services

If you make use of Thomson Reuters Excel templates to extract the financials of listed companies and other instruments into Excel, you will understand the frustration that we have helped some clients with.

Corporate Excel Timesheet Template Excel Consulting & Services

A common use of MS Excel templates is in the HR area with regards to timesheets. This is a recent development for a Corporate Excel timesheet template to facilitate timesheet management over a number of sites and employees with variable shifts.

IPP Renewable Energy Financial Models Excel Consulting & Services

We have been involved in a number of Renewable Energy Financial Models for IPP's (Independent Power Producers) covering the major types i.e. Solar, Wind and Hydro. We also have modelled fossil fuel energy like coal and LPG.

MS Excel Formula Assistance Excel Consulting & Services

MS Excel Formula Assistance in South Africa (or via virtual for worldwide Excel consulting assistance). Helping clients fix their formulas by making sure that they use the CORRECT function correctly.

Human Resources Excel Spreadsheet Templates Excel Consulting & Services

A common use of MS Excel is to create Human Resource Excel Spreadsheet Templates to address the problem of information coming from a variety of sources (payroll, LMS, HR modules, email system, whistle blower systems etc) which are not easily consolidated and reported on.

Financial Model in Property Sector Excel Consulting & Services

We are regularly requested to build a financial model in the property sector. In this case it was to build a template model that would look at an investment on a property by property basis.

IFRS15 Calculator Excel Consulting & Services

We provide assistance in generating a calculator to determine the impact of IFRS15 on the financial statements.

Financial Model Development Excel Consulting & Services

With the ever increasing risks associated with businesses, it is becoming critical to make sound business decisions. This generally involves the development of financial models that assess the likely impact of any decision on the business.

Consolidate Spreadsheet Information Excel Consulting & Services

Spreadsheets are often used to collect and collate data to create useful reports. But that often means someone receiving spreadsheets and then manually consolidating them.

Spreadsheet Templates Excel Consulting & Services

Whether it is a financial model used to make investment/ project decisions or an operational spreadsheet to analyse historical data we have the microsoft excel and business experience to assist.

Data Analytics Excel Consulting & Services

If you are finding that you have too much data and not enough quality information, contact us to see how we can help.

Convert Spreadsheets to Database Excel Consulting & Services

We will understand what the spreadsheet does and how it works and then convert it into a database. Excel will still be used in some way but it will be a more effiicent and safe process.

Business Intelligence Excel Consulting & Services

Businesses are currently inundated with data. Every system now records the dates, times and amounts of every little process. Yet, we still get queries because clients can't seem to get relevant reports out of their systems.


We aim to provide the ultimate, one stop shop for all Excel users requirements, within South Africa and worldwide.

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