Biotech financial and life cycle modelling with Excel

We have recently done a number of biotech financial and life cycle modelling with Excel. Initially the models were simpleĀ  financial models with the biological factors only included in the working capital. The only difference between other businesses and, for example, an agricultural business, was how long your money sat in ‘inventory’ and the risks of all or nothing losses.

However, recently the model requests have become more sophisticated and included modelling the life cycle development of particular biological products, and the financing impact with long lead times.

Fish Farm Financial Modelling

Detailed life cycle model assessing the biology of fish growth from fingerlings to grow out, optimising batches and producing detailed forecasts of the financials.

All aspects needed to be included i.e.

  • growth rates at various stages,
  • feed requirements,
  • mortality and
  • tank movements.

Included was a requirement on the capex (read tanks) required to achieve stated goals within the known biological constraints with regards densities.

fish farm financial modelling

Fish Farm Financial Modelling

Also included was modelling the optimal batching of production given capex constraints to maximise production.

Fish Farm Financial Modelling

All this needed to be included in a monthly financial model to assess viability of the project including key risks and sensitivities. The fish farm model is able to forecast theĀ annual harvest which drives the financial statements and results in a (hopefully) favourable NPV and IRR based on the investment required.

Fish Farm Financial Modelling

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Yield evaluation Excel models on specific crops

Modelling various crop yields over time taking in initial growth stage, most productive periods and gradual declines to plan planting forecasts and impact on financials. Depending on the crop, the maximised yield periods differed.

Crop Yield Financial Model

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Financial evaluation of mixed dryland, irrigated and grazing

Model reviews of templates built to assess a mix of biological products and the likely return for financing requests.

Packaging requirements on seasonal crops

Assisting with the planning of the packaging requirements given various international orders for different packing sizes and grades. Included assessing likely yields based on the most recent information, forecasting packaging requirements and placing orders given lead times and percentage likelihood.

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