Business Valuation spreadsheets

Business Valuation spreadsheets

Behind all financial models is inevitably a business valuation.

We have been involved in the development of all types of business valuation spreadsheets, ranging from project finance valuation spreadsheets to valuation spreadsheets required for regulatory purposes.

These have included all the acceptable valuation methods e.g. discounted cash flows (and all its variants) as well as ratio based valuations like EBITDA and PE valuations.

Together with our partners we also provide the actual valuation services. Contact us to find out about the valuation services we offer.

Our valuation spreadsheets

Business Valuation spreadsheets

Unlike most valuation providers, we DO NOT use templates to create the spreadsheets.

As a result each valuation spreadsheet is custom built.

The benefit of this is that we DO NOT force your numbers into our template so that you struggle to recognize the information you provided.

The valuation spreadsheet is built in line with (and format) that you provided the data, in order to make it easy to update, without having to change your internal processes. This way you will easily understand the impact of your business decisions on the valuation.

Excel Valuation spreadsheet features

We pride ourselves on building understandable financial models that show the

  • income statement,
  • cash flow statement and
  • balance sheet

in a logical way that matches your management reporting.

By working together we create a valuation tool that incorporates your knowledge of the business with our spreadsheet build techniques that allows for robustness and flexibility.

Contact us to find out about the valuation services we offer