Financial Model in Property Sector

We are regularly requested to build a financial model in the property sector. In this case it was to build a template model that would look at an investment on a property by property basis based on commercial property. However, we have built similar models for residential apartments and student accommodation.

As with all our financial models, we always build 3 way financial models in that it must end up with an

  • Income Statement,
  • Cash Flow and
  • (balancing) Balance Sheet.

In addition we built various other reports around the returns for a property investment. The model was also built in such a way that it was easy to run what ifs to assess the likelihood of achieving the returns, or at what level of rental/ purchase price/ sales price would we achieve our desired return.

Financial Model in Property Key Features

  • Flexibility with regards the financing of the property
Various repayment options
Debt calculations
Comparison of available cash versus debt repayments
Debt calculations
  • Ability to play with the required/ anticipated rentals and possible vacancies
Financial Model in Property
  • Differentiation between fixed and variable costs
  • Detailed graphics of monthly cash flows
Financial Model in Property
  • Flexibility around the eventual sale of the property and its impact on returns
Financial Model in Property
Financial Model in Property

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If you want to learn how to build Property Financial models yourself, we have Online Financial modelling courses as well as live Financial Modelling, Budgeting and forecasting courses do this yourself.