Human Resources Excel Spreadsheet Templates

A common use of MS Excel is to create Human Resources Excel Spreadsheet Templates to create various reports. The problem with HR information is that it is often non- financial and not easily consolidated. Information often comes from a variety of sources (payroll, LMS, HR modules, email system, whistle blower systems etc) which are not easily consolidated.

Also, with the changing HR rules, especially in South Africa with BEE, HR templates need flexibility to be able to provide the information in a quick form that is easily updated and reported on.

HR Excel Spreadsheet Templates

In the ideal world, this is a web based system that allows for controlled input across divisions and geographic locations. However, very few systems do everything you want and are quite expensive. MS Excel and email is the common denominator, and until a formal system can be properly spec’d it needs to stay as an Excel and email solution, but in a much more controlled way.

Human Resources Excel Spreadsheet Templates

A recent consultation involved creating a MS Excel based reporting template that allowed for:

  • Use of a single input template (spreadsheet) that is completed on a monthly basis by various divisions and sent to the HR department. The spreadsheet needed to obtain both objective (head count, hires, exits, training, EE etc) and subjective (consumer relations, employee welfare etc) information.
  • Storing of the input spreadsheets in a folder for audit trail purposes but in such a way that all the input spreadsheets could be (easily) consolidated into one database.
  • Creation of an automated reporting pack that could (with a click of a button once all input spreadsheets received)
    • Report at a division and/ or consolidated basis
    • Compare HR metrics to prior periods or across divisions to spot trends with regards to hiring,¬† terminations and other HR related issues
    • Trend analysis to identify what is working and what is not working and the ability to answer questions like who are we hiring and is there a common theme that we are missing.

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