MDA Property Manager Excel Consulting

We have assisted a number of clients using MRI Software (formerly MDA Property Manager) to extract the information from MDA in Excel or CSV format, and automate the process of creating management accounts and financial statements in Excel. Some of features of our MDA Property Manager Excel Consulting are shown below.

Dealing with the General Ledger Excel exports

We have assisted clients in turning the MDA Excel export for the General Ledger (either high level or detailed as shown below) into normalized databases (with a click of a button) which makes it easier to build management reporting packs and financial statements. This included:

  • removing the blank rows that are hidden in the data,
  • making sure the property names are attached to all the information, and
  • dealing with the merged cells issues.

In many cases this can be achieved without having to open the .XLS extract.

MDA Property Manager Excel Consulting

Part of the process included allowing for a monthly extract, similar to the above, to be aggregated into a growing, single database (again at the click of a button) to make it easier to compare information across properties or time periods.

As a result, the above can be turned into the below with 1 click via Excel, from which you can then use Pivot Tables or other methods to create your reports and dashboards.

Dealing with the anomalies of the Budget extracts

We have also assisted in turning the budgets available as an export from MDA into a database which matches the accounting (credit is negative, debit is positive) to be able to create custom reports across the actuals, budgets and forecasts.

MDA Property Manager Excel Consulting

MDA based Excel Automation Consulting Assignment scopes

Our MDA Property Manager Excel Consulting assignments have included:

  • Allowing the MDA results to be pulled into the Excel based management accounts with a simple formula searching the new database rather than manual capture of the numbers every month or complex 2 way lookups.
  • Building management reporting that allowed the comparison of actuals vs budget vs last year on a property by property basis AND company by company basis for holding companies AND based on type of buildings.
  • Creating reports combining the financial information with the property metrics.

Contact us for MDA Property Manager Excel Consulting

If you require assistance in automating the process of going from MDA based reports/ exports to Excel based management accounts/ financial statements, send an email to