MS Excel Formula Assistance

MS Excel Formula Assistance

Although the majority of our MS Excel consulting involves building completed spreadsheets, we also assist clients in creating their own spreadsheets by providing MS Excel formula assistance.

In these cases, the client is often just missing one bit of knowledge on a formula, or knowing which formula to use. The clients are generally intermediate or advanced users but they need our experience in identifying the correct formula to use and in the correct way. We charge on an hourly basis.

MS Excel Formula Assistance

Some of the recent issues we have addressed include:

  • Having a lookup find a partial match instead of an exact match.
  • Finding parts of words within a cell to identify trends
  • Creating formula to identify where the clients own sales people are competing for the same jobs by identifying common words in the leads register.
  • Creating a lookup that finds the next positive version of a particular transaction type (looking forward and looking backwards).
  • Creating a lookup that looks upwards instead of the normal downward lookups
  • Correcting why the IF function is ignoring numbers or dates
  • Making the conditional formatting calculate its own criteria instead of relying on the cells contents
  • Creating a momentum formula to identify positive and negative momentum trends in asset prices.

Next Steps

If you need MS Excel formula assistance, send us an email ( explaining your query. These assignments are charged on a per hour basis with a minimum of 1 hour.

You can learn more about the MS Excel formula and functions yourself

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