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This site and all the training we offer has been based on our proprietary Excel Skills Assessment.

Below a brief video clip on the Excel Skills Assessment. Read more about it and other options further down, or click below to just try it out.

Do the Online Skills Assessment

Excel-Skills-AssessmentOne of the biggest problems with learning about how to use Excel to its fullest is that there is no clear way of:

  1. Understanding what your current skill level is in Excel (have you attended an ‘advanced’ course where you knew more than the presenter?)
  2. Understanding which aspects of Excel to cover (so you are an advanced user, but are you advanced in the areas of your new role within the business?)

Excel is too big to know everything. Even the experts generally have an area of expertise. It is better to know the features that will help you with your CURRENT requirements!

With this in mind we have developed two simple questionnaires that will tell you:

  • what your existing skill level is (in more detail than just beginner, intermediate or advanced), and
  • which course is best given what YOU are currently doing in Excel ( go to the ‘Which Excel Course to do‘ page).

These questionnaires are available for individuals or groups with an online version for quick answers and offline for more detailed reports.

What is your current Excel skill level (and what should you work on)

Excel Skills Assessment Report SampleAs shown in the video above, the Excel Skills Assessment assesses the person’s aptitude for Excel learning and allows you to match your Excel skill level to the correct training material.

It measures your skill across four areas being:

  • Fundamental Knowledge- the basics
  • Using Tools- using the tools available in excel e.g. sort, autofilter, pivots
  • Using Functions- using Excel’s key formula functions e.g. vlookup, sumif etc
  • Super User Attributes- ability to solve problems in excel using all the above

The report (click on the adjacent image to see an example) you will receive shows how you score against the various skill definitions and will identify where you need to put in a bit more work (e.g. you use the Excel tools really well, but your functions are weak).

You can choose to do the questionnaire online and get instant feedback (great for individuals) or else download the spreadsheet for use offline or if you want to have a group of people evaluated.

Do the Online Skills Assessment

Excel Skills Assessment Download for groups

Watch the video clip below to see how the spreadsheet download of the Excel skills assessment can be used to assess groups

Download the Excel Assessment spreadsheet

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