Excel Training Courses

Excel training courses

We offer a variety of Excel training courses covering all aspects of spreadsheet use including using Excel in financial and decision model.

Key features include:

  • Skilled presenters (all presenters are Chartered Accountants at a minimum)
  • Practical training (based on the real life problems we encounter in our consulting)
  • Guaranteed course dates (if you have paid  to attend the public course, the course will run- no cancellations!)
  • Flexibility (if something comes up, you can attend the next public course)
  • Free skills assessment (use our free tool to make sure you attend the correct course)
  • On site or off site (we can train at your place, an external venue or attend our monthly open courses)

Below are more details on the various course we offer. Our suggested way forward would be:

  • Determine which of the courses are correct for your needs? Use this quick ‘Which Excel Course should I do‘ questionnaire to establish which course is correct for you with the current work you do.
  • Assess your skill level to ensure that you attend the correct level of course by completing our free Skills Assessment (these are the numbers from 1 to 10 that appear on all the training material)
  • or give us a call ( see number above)

PowerQuery for Excel 1 Day

How to use Excel's new PowerQuery add in to import data (including from multiple files), clean data (including unpivoting the data or appending tables onto each other), and export the data into pivot tables and dashboards.

In House Excel Training Courses Normally 1 to 3 days

We provide in house Excel training courses covering any of the material listed on this site. So if you prefer that your staff stay onsite while receiving their Excel Training we can accommodate you any where in the world!

Advanced Excel Training 3 Day Course

This practical 3 - day course leads delegates through advanced Excel functions and specialised spreadsheet techniques, explaining the functions and their uses including Pivot Tables and charting.

The course covers all the key features in Excel including pivot tables, graphing, tools like conditional formatting and detailed and practical knowledge of Excel functions like VLOOKUP, SUMIF etc

Corporate Financial Modeling Training 5 Day Course

This practical 5 - day course covers all of the key advanced excel and financial modelling techniques and will enable participates to handle all their data analysis, budgeting and forecasting issues.

Included in the training is the use of pivot tables, data visualisation, and advanced functions. It then moves onto how to turn a spreadsheet into a financial model.

Budgeting and Forecasting with Excel 1 or 2 days

Budgeting and Forecasting with excel will teach you how use Excel to make projections such as budgets (generally 1 year forward), forecasts (2 to 3 years) and financial modelling/ feasibilities (3 to 30 years).

Financial Modelling Training Course 2 Day Course

This practical 2 - day course covers a variety of financial modelling techniques and best practices.

Areas covered include how to use Excel to build financial models that cater for running 'What If' scenarios, generating Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flows, and incorporating debt into the model.

Pivot Table Training Course ½ or 1 Day Course

This practical ½ or 1 day pivot table course leads delegates through Excel’s Pivot Table feature, explaining its uses with practical examples.

The course covers how to create your first pivot table and builds up to linking your pivot table to external databases and extracting meaningful reports from your databases

Excel Charts and Graphs ½ Day Course

This practical ½ - day charting course leads delegates through Excel’s charting and graphing tools.

The course covers the various chart types and how to combine and customise them to provide a visual interpretation of your data. Tricks taught include how to conditionally format your charts.

Excel for Beginners 1 Day Course

This practical 1 - day beginner course leads delegates through the fundamentals of excel spreadsheets.

The course starts with understanding a spreadsheet and moves onto how to create simple formula like the IF function and how to use some of the inbuilt tools including filtering, sorting and conditional formatting.

Excel Dashboard Training for management reporting 1 or 2 days

Excel dashboard training to create meaningful management reports and dashboard templates that easily explains what is happening in your business. The focus is on providing knowledge on how to automate your reports and dashboards so that you spend more time understanding the information and less time creating it.

Advanced Excel Functions 2 Day Course

This practical 2 - day programme leads delegates through advanced Excel functions and specialised spreadsheet techniques, explaining the functions and their uses.

The course covers all the advanced functions that may be required in the business world including VLOOKUP, SUMIF, conditional formatting and dealing with dates in Excel.

Excel for Sales and Marketing 1 or 2 days

Make sure you have the most efficient and effective way to analyse your sales and marketing efforts so that you can spend more time on understanding and improving the numbers and less time on creating them!

Excel for HR 2/3 days

Excel for HR will teach you how to calculate and track leave, determine tax deductions, clean up personal databases, join data bases together, identify strong and weak employees and track training.

PowerPivot Training Courses 1 day

This practical 1 day PowerPivot training course leads delegates through Excel’s new PowerPivot features (Excel 2010 and Excel 2013), explaining where you would use PowerPivot, how it differs from Pivot Tables and what the benefits are with practical examples.

VBA for Microsoft Excel 2 Day Course

This practical 2 - day VBA for Excel course leads delegates through advanced Excel VBA and macro use.

Using practical examples the course shows how to construct a simple macro and then to customise it to create forms and to loop through various procedures.

Excel for equity analysis and research 2 or 3 days

Learn how to maximise the use of Excel when involved in any sort of equity analysis and end up with a working equity analyst model.

Concepts taught would be beneficial to equity researchers, project finance, corporate finance and private equity players.

Access with Excel 2 or 3 days

A comprehensive Microsoft Access course covering the basics to advanced features of Access and then how to interact with the best features within Excel. The course focuses on using the best features of Access with Excel products to provide a structured, safe solution to your business dilemmas.

Excel Skills Transfer Programme Various

A comprehensive Excel skills transfer programme to ensure that the skills and knowledge we posses are transferred to your staff.

Given our vast experience we can assist staff responsible for data analysis, reconciliation's, reporting and financial modelling. Any user of Excel will benefit from this comprehensive programme to ensure skills transfer.


We aim to provide the ultimate, one stop shop for all Excel users requirements, within South Africa and worldwide.

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