Advanced Excel and Financial Modelling training courses for Africa

We are now running  Advanced Excel and Financial Modelling training courses for Africa. We have recently expanded our reach to include the rest of Africa. Courses have been run for the following delegates (see pictures of some of the courses on our Facebook pages):

Did you Know: We now offer the courses in Cape Town. Learn Excel while you visit this beautiful city. If you want to know more about this send a mail to

  • Advanced Excel at Pyramid Pharma in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
    Advanced Excel at Pyramid Pharma in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

    South Africa (all our courses)

  • Botswana (Financial Modelling and Excel VBA training courses)
  • Mozambique (Financial Modelling and Advanced Excel training courses)
  • Tanzania (Advanced Excel training course)
  • Nigeria (Advanced Excel and Financial Modelling courses)
  • Namibia (Advanced Excel)
  • Malawi (Advanced Excel and Financial Modelling).

The benefits of our Advanced Excel and Financial Modelling training courses for Africa

We would love to train in your country and if you are the first to use us from your country we will give you special rates. In the next year we are targeting training courses in Mauritius, Zambia and Angola.

The benefits of using us include:

  • Straight to the training provider- no middle men fees
  • Experts with over 15 years experience. All trainers are chartered accountants with additional expertise (CFA, CIMA)
  • Customised courses using your own spreadsheets as examples
  • Free skills assessment to make sure we train at the correct level
  • Receive a manual and DVD (with video clips of the course)

You can either attend one of the courses we run in South Africa (there is a hotel situated right next to the venue) or better we can come out and train your company in your own country.

Next steps

  • Complete the skills assessment to get your free skills report. Use the results to access the free Excel video tutorials we offer. 
  • Forward the skills assessment to your colleagues and your training supervisor. Compare your results with your friends, assess your departmental skill levels or review your whole companies skills level (for free).
  • Send this brochure to your training supervisor ( AuditExcel Training overview )
  • View the calendar to see when the next training courses are happening in South Africa or other countries
  • Email us on to ask your specific questions or if you want to find out about us coming to you.

Course Outline

We currently offer the following course types and these can be customised depending on your requirements:

Feedback & Who Should Attend

The Advanced Excel and Financial Modelling training courses for Africa are for anyone who wants to learn practical tools and techniques to assist in reducing the time spent in Excel. We can train from beginner to advanced and cover topics like Data Visualisation, Financial Modelling, Pivot Tables and Excel fundamentals.

Pre Requisite (s)

All participants are expected to have worked on Microsoft Excel previously and be familiar with their own job function.

Ideally all participants we have completed and received their free Excel skills assessment which guides us in the required level of training.