Advanced Excel Training for Dar Es Salaam and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

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Advanced Excel at Pyramid Pharma in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Advanced Excel at Pyramid Pharma in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

We are Excel experts who can provide training and consulting in all aspects relating to Excel spreadsheets in Tanzania. From Advanced Excel courses to Financial Modelling masterclasses, you and your staff will benefit greatly from our knowledge and experience (over 15 years, Chartered Accountants and CFA’s- see more about the presenters).

We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa but travel extensively.

Why use us for Advanced Excel and Financial Modelling Training

Our courses are all very practical and help staff to improve productivity. We show you how to do your excel work faster. If you want to assess how much we know,

  1. have a look at some of the BLOG articles we write and
  2. visit the TESTIMONIAL pages.

Advanced Excel in NairobiExcel Course Contents

The courses we cover include:

– Advanced Excel

– Financial Modelling

– Budgeting and Forecasting with Excel

– Excel for skills (e.g. HR, Sales , Finance departments etc)

For a full list of the courses we can offer visit the Live Training page or the Online Courses

Which Excel course should you do

We have a clever way of assessing your Excel requirements. Download the free skills assessment below and send it to you staff to complete (instructions and questions sheets) and send back to us.

Download Free Excel skills Assessment

We provide a free report on the person’s aptitude for Excel and can recommend what course is required.

Course Delivery Methods

We can provide 3 options for training:


Advanced Excel Course for FQML in Zambia
Advanced Excel Course for FQML in Zambia

We fly to you and train a group of your staff members. Due to travel times we prefer to train in cities that have a direct connection from Johannesburg so that is Dar Es Salaam and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. This is best for groups of 6 or more so that travel and accommodation costs are more reasonable. Major benefits of the onsite training include:

  • Customising the course to match your needs
  • At dates and times convenient to you
  • Common Excel problems can be addressed within the group.

For detailed pricing send an email to


You fly to Johannesburg to attend one of our public courses (see course dates here). This is ideal if it is individuals or small groups that need to improve their Excel skills. The courses run monthly so there is flexibility in when you can attend. The venues are direct flights from Dar Es Salaam and Kilimanjaro and accessible via public transport routes.

For detailed pricing send an email to


If time or money is a problem, the online training we provide is perfect for you.

All our live courses have been converted into an online format so that you get all the benefits of our expertise in a convenient way.

All the courses contain

  • text,
  • video clips, and
  • practical examples with both Excel solutions and video clip explanations of the solutions.

You also have access to the teacher and can ask questions.

To try out a free online course go to the Excel Fundamentals Course. For more information go to the Excel Online Courses page.

For detailed pricing send an email to

Indicative Pricing- Live Training

For detailed pricing send an email to

Advanced Excel for Barclays in Maputo, Mozambique
Advanced Excel for Barclays in Maputo, Mozambique

As an estimate the live training equates to +- $200 per delegate per day with various discounts available.

The only way to know the price is to ask us.

Send an email to and tell us how many people you want to train, where (in Tanzania, South Africa or online) and the content you want to cover.

Indicative Pricing- Online Training

For the online training you can take 50% off the price. You can see more on the Excel Online Courses page

Course Outline

We currently offer the following course types and these can be customised depending on your requirements:

Feedback & Who Should Attend

The Advanced Excel and Financial Modelling training courses for Tanzania is for anyone who wants to learn practical tools and techniques to assist in reducing the time spent in Excel.

We train from beginner to advanced and cover topics like Data Visualisation, Financial Modelling, Pivot Tables and Excel fundamentals.

Pre Requisite (s)

All participants are expected to have worked on Microsoft Excel previously and be familiar with their own job function.

Ideally all participants have completed and received their free Excel skills assessment which guides us on the required level of training.