Excel Dashboard Training for management reporting

Learn how to  use MS Excel to create meaningful dashboards and management reports.

Learn all the tricks to make automated dashboards that tell your story.

You will learn how to

  • Visualise which products are flying off the shelves and which are not
  • Create dashboard templates for use within your organisation
  • Highlight your above and below average sales people with a click of a button
  • Identify costs that are not tracking to expectations.
  • Compare your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) on a monthly or even weekly basis to reach your targets
  • Create your management reports with a copy paste or click of a button
  • Compare current management reports versus last year, highlighting the major differences
  • Incorporate ALL your key drivers on the dashboards no matter which system the data comes from e.g. tons mined versus the cost to mine the tons
  • Incorporate your budgets and forecasts on a monthly and year to date basis
  • Incorporate this Excel Dashboard Training into any part of you business that generate reports (are there any that don’t?).
excel dashboard training

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Course Outline

  • Excel Dashboard best practice
  • Ideas on sourcing the relevant financial and non financial information
  • Understanding your key KPI’s and how you can assess whether you are meeting your targets
  • Excel tools and functions that are vital for dashboards (create templates using the examples)
    • Pivot Tables
      • Using Pivot Tables as the dashboard
      • Using Pivot Tables to re work data to be used in a dashboard
        Allow the dashboard reader to change the time period used in an intuitive way.
        • Sparklines
          Insert mini charts to show the trend of data
          • Charting and Graphing
            Build charts that allow you to visualise complex information
            • Forms and controls (for drop down lists to choose what you are comparing)
            • Conditional Formatting
              • Create dashboard heat maps
              • Highlight top and bottom products/ people etc
              • Highlight missed budgets and forecasts
                Make dashboard information easier to read with (automatic) shading

                Highlight anomalies/ changes in numbers in the dashboard to aid the reader
    • Key functions for Dashboards including
        • OFFSET
        • VLOOKUP
        • AGGREGATE
  • Excel Dashboard Tips and Tricks including
    • Linking cells to a text box
    • Linking cells to chart labels
  • Excel Dashboard challenges and solutions
    • comparing time series
    • assessing seasonality in a business
    • mixed metrics and KPI’s (e.g. comparing financial information with production details)
    • comparing year on year results
    • showing actuals versus budgets versus forecasts
    • Predicting where you are going to end up at year end
      Allow the dashboard to (automatically) take new information into account


      Connect Pivots together
      Create dashboards that can all be updated in one go based on set selections.

Feedback & Who Should Attend

  • It was excellent.  I have personally asked most of the people who were there what they thought about it, and everybody was really positive and confirmed that they learned a lot. I also need to mention De Wet, we all thought he was excellent and he really kept the training interactive.  He was definitely the best trainer I have seen so far.- Melco
  • One of the best trainers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Experienced, knowledgeable, helpful, patient and engaging – a must keep- Deloitte’s Consulting

Typical Attendees

  • Business owners, managers, financial managers, directors, bookkeepers,
  • marketers, sales representatives, sales managers, sales executives or team
  • HR managers,

and anyone who deals with management reporting and dashboards in their work related tasks.

Pre Requisite (s)

Knowledge required for Excel Dashboard Training:

  1. Basic Excel skills
  • Opening & closing files
  • Moving around the spreadsheet
  • Inserting & deleting rows and columns
  • Inserting text & formulas
  • Deleting cells
  • Copying formulas
  • Printing
  1. Basic formulas (+-*/) e.g. =C5+C7+sum(C9:C12), and =D5*D6/12 3. Formatting
  2. Formatting