Excel for Beginners

This practical 1 – day MS Excel for Beginners course leads delegates through the Fundamentals of Excel spreadsheets and is focused on beginners.

If you feel you need Excel for dummies, and want help getting started with using Excel, this is the best course for you.

Some of the key outcomes will include:

excel for beginners
  • Understanding what a spreadsheet is and how it works
  • How to make the spreadsheet look and feel like you want
  • How to build in formulas to help you get rid of your calculator
  • Using the many tools available to make your life easier such as sorting, filtering and creating formula.

Delivery Methods- Beginner MS Excel

Live MS Excel Beginner Training

  • Onsite- We can provide the training onsite to corporate groups- for more information click the request for information button below.

Online MS Excel Beginner Training

Course Outline


Understand how the cells can be used for entering text, numbers or calculations
  • What the Excel screen looks like and means
How the ribbons work and the areas to focus on
  • The Quick Access Toolbar
Create your own area for your favorite buttons
  • The Office button/ file button
  • Formula bar (Name box and Edit box)
Understand how to use the formula bar
  • Sheet and sheets
Work with the sheets in a spreadsheet
  • Other tools in the spreadsheet window


  • Viewing many parts of the Spreadsheet (at the same time)
Freeze the dates so they don’t move away when you are working through the spreadsheet
  • Create, save and Open Existing Excel Files
  • Navigation and Data Entry
Highlighting cells you want to work with including non consecutive cells
  • Copy and Paste & Paste special
Various ways of pasting your copied data
  • Insert, Delete, Hide, and Resize Columns and Rows
Work with the rows and columns

Formatting Essentials

  • Formatting of Cells
Various ways you can format a cell to make it look the way you want
  • Format Painter
  • Conditional Formatting


  • BODMAS in Excel
  • Create Calculations in Excel (stop using your calculator)
Sum, average, count cells or find the maximum or minimum values
  • The Sum Function
  • Absolute / Relative Referencing- $ Signs
  • Using the F4 shortcut for $ Signs
Understand how and why $ signs are so useful
  • Linking cells in different sheets and workbooks
How to link between sheets or spreadsheets


  • Flash Fill- Your new best friend?
Split key text into their own columns
  • How to Print
  • Sorting Data
Sort your data
  • Data Filtering
Switch on and use a Filter to easily extract reports
  • Charts and Graphs in Excel
  • Quick Tips and Tricks for Charts


Turn data into reports (in seconds)
  • Create a Pivot Table- Step by Step
  • Required Data Format for Pivot tables
  • Inserting Values into a Pivot Table
  • Enhancing the values e.g. percentage of another column
  • Show the details of a number in the Pivot Table


  • Function Wizard
  • The basic “IF” function
  • Auditing Toolbar
Find errors in your formulas
  • Formulas and the coloured boxes
  • VLOOKUP explained in simple terms
  • Build your first VLOOKUP

Feedback & Who Should Attend

    • I’m glad I invested my money and time on this course, it was worth it.I also like the fact that i will be assisted even after completing the course. I walked out a different lady, just confirming what De Wet said.- Kefiloe M.
    •  It dealt with my daily challenges at work- IS Management Accountant.
    • There was nothing I did not like about the workshop. Adrian was fantastic- Accountant.
    • … first the assessment is a good tool to determine that the trainee is allocated to the correct training, secondly, although the training is intense the content is brilliant and very well presented. Being able to express real live occurrences during the training makes for understanding of applications. All Krones personnel that have attended this training has had their skillset enhanced. Being proficient in excel has allowed the flow of work from department to department to become more and more efficient and not to mention, look more professional. Audit Excel is my only choice for Excel Training.- Debbie L- Krones

    Typical Attendees

    • All persons using Excel spreadsheets. Professions that have attended include accountants, actuaries, auditors, business analysts, chartered accountants, civil engineers, construction, consulting, corporate finance, engineers, farming, finance, hr function, landlords, lawyers, quantity surveyors, research analysts, retail, scientists and engineers

Pre Requisite (s)

Delegates should be familiar with working on a computer.

In order to do this course, we recommend that all delegates have a fundamental understanding of MS Excel, in that they are using MS Excel in their daily activities and want to work quicker, smarter and safer.

We recommend that all delegates should, using our free MS Excel Skills Assessment, have a skill score of  <3.0 with a level of Beginner (get your delegates to do the  free MS Excel Skills Assessment to make sure this is the correct level of training).

This is a very hands-on, non-intimidating, course – delegates work through various exercises under the supervision, and with the help, of the facilitator to get to grips with the nuances of Excel’s functions.