Excel for Beginners

This practical 1 – day Excel for beginners course leads delegates through the Fundamentals of Excel spreadsheets and is focused on beginners.

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This course is recommended for a skill level of <3 (we offer a free Skills Assessment to make sure you get the correct level of training). Greater than 3 should attend the Advanced Course (the Advance Course is an Intermediate to Advanced course)

This is a very hands-on, non-intimidating, course – delegates work through various exercises under the supervision, and with the help, of the facilitator to get to grips with the nuances of Excel’s.

Course Outline

  • What is a spreadsheet
  • Excel Layout
  • Create, Save and Open existing Excel files
  • Navigation and Data entry
  • Insert, Delete, Hide columns and rows
  • Adjust width and height of columns and rows
  • Formatting of cells
  • Format Painter
  • Drawing Lines
  • Alignment
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Basic maths
  • Absolute & relative referencing ($ signs)
  • Linking cells in different sheets and workbooks
  • The basic ‘IF’ function
  • Function Wizard
  • Auditing Toolbar
  • Formulas and the coloured boxes
  • Introduction to graphs in excel.

Feedback & Who Should Attend

  • All persons using or starting to use Excel spreadsheets

Pre Requisite (s)

  • All delegates should have a score of above 1.0 on our Excel Skills Assessment
  • Delegates should be familiar with working on a computer.