Excel for HR

Excel for HR Training Course

Become an Excel for HR professional. Learn how to use Microsoft Excel in all your HR and Payroll functions.

Examples covered include:

  • Payroll
  • Employee performance
  • Leave Management
  • HR Admin

In order to do this course we recommend a skill level of >3.5 (we offer a free Skills Assessment to make sure you get the correct level of training)

Course Outline

  • Calculate overtime and overtime pay in one easy step.
  • Evaluate performance and monitor productivity with Excel.
  • Split names into first-name/ surname or combine them into a single name.
  • Highlight above and below average performers.
  • Create a leave template to record leave.
  • Compare employee details from different systems.
  • Calculate the tax deductible amount based on the different salary ranges.
  • Protect your employee’s information.
  • Calculate commission rates, regular and overtime pay.
  • Clean up payroll databases .
  • Calculate the number of working days between dates easily.
  • Group employees into useful categories

And much, much more!

Feedback & Who Should Attend

  • The best Excel course I’ve ever attended. Thanks!- Fanie S. Sun International
  • I would recommend the training to other members of consulting- Deloitte’s Consulting

Typical Attendees

  • Business owners- You’ll be able to track leave and payroll easier and without wasting time.
  • HR managers-You’ll drastically save time in generating your reports, especially if you have to get information from other systems.
  • HR assistants –You need an easier way to see all employee’s information and answer any hr related inquiries.
  • Payroll managers-You’ll get faster processing time with payroll with easy sure fire ways to minimise errors.
  • Payroll assistants-You’ll get easier way to check and reduce errors while working on payroll

Pre Requisite (s)

Excel knowledge required:

  1. Basic Excel skills
  • Opening & closing files
  • Moving around the spreadsheet
  • Inserting & deleting rows and columns
  • Inserting text & formulas
  • Deleting cells
  • Copying formulas
  • Printing
  1. Basic formulas (+-*/) e.g. =C5+C7+sum(C9:C12), and =D5*D6/12 3. Formatting
  2. Formatting