Excel Skills Transfer Programme

Excel Skills Transfer Programme

The Excel Skills Transfer Programme is a comprehensive method of enabling your staff to make the best use of Excel in the business environment.

There is a particular focus on exactly what they use the software for and how to make their spreadsheet use both more efficient and effective.

This programme will work for all Excel users whether they are using Excel for data analysis, reporting or financial modelling.

Course Outline

Excel Skills Transfer Programme Outline

The programme will be customised to suit the needs of each company. It will encompass the following steps:

  • Assessment Phase
    • Skills Assessment to assess current skill levels
    • Needs Analysis to understand what each person actually does with Excel
  • Initial Group Training
    • 2 to 3 day training course covering the key areas identified above
  • Specific Skills Transfer
    • One on One consultation with each programme delegate to understand their exact needs by referring to their work (sitting at their computer looking at their files)
    • Online training incorporating video that addresses the findings from the one on one sessions to share the knowledge across the delegates
    • Mentoring process to help delegates with problematic spreadsheets
  • Finalisation and Debrief
    • 1 day finalisation training session to address common questions
    • Report produced for the company with an overview of each delegate and the progress made.

Feedback & Who Should Attend

  • We have subsequently seen the difference in how our people use Excel.  They now tackle tasks with confidence, and with an understanding that enables them to find their own solutions.  This is one of the more enlightening and stimulating training interventions we have held.- Alexander Proudfoot Consultants

Typical attendees

  • This programme is specifically aimed at corporates who want the best for their people and want to ensure that they are equipped to perform their Excel related tasks to the best of their abilities. As such it is for any staff compliment in the public or private sector that uses Excel (is there anyone that doesn’t?)

Pre Requisite (s)

Excel knowledge required:

  1. Basic Excel skills
  • Opening & closing files
  • Moving around the spreadsheet
  • Inserting & deleting rows and columns
  • Inserting text & formulas
  • Deleting cells
  • Copying formulas
  • Printing
  1. Basic formulas (+-*/) e.g. =C5+C7+sum(C9:C12), and =D5*D6/12 3. Formatting
  2. Formatting