Reverse Classroom MS Excel Training

Reverse Classroom MS Excel training combines the best of online and classroom based training so that all delegates get the most out of the training and can practically apply it to their business roles. This form of blended learning is ideal for companies with time or budget constraints.

MS Excel Reverse Classroom Training

  • ms Excel training datesAll delegates complete a Skills Assessment and Needs Analysis to understand each person’s unique skill level and use of Excel.
  • Delegates are allocated their matching online courses out of the options available on the online course pages.
  • The online course is completed within a predefined time period (typically a month)
  • We provide weekly reports on progress made in the courses to make sure it is being completed
  • All delegates attend a live classroom session where they can ask questions about the courses and bring their own work where they have struggled to apply the teachings. The facilitator will assist and use the questions asked as a learning experience for the other delegates

Benefits of the blended approach to Excel training

  • Specific training based on each person’s MS Excel skill level and need.
  • During the online training portion, delegates can learn at their own pace and spend more time in the areas they struggle and skim through areas they know well.
  • Delegates can spend as much time as they need on the practical exercises which include solutions and video clips on how to get to the solution. There is no peer pressure to go faster!
  • Delegates can apply what they have learnt in the work environment during this period and as a result will be better prepared with questions in the classroom sessions.
  • Online material is available after the course to refer back to or review when it is needed
  • Specific questions and struggles can be addressed in the classroom session especially on how to apply the learnings to their own work with their own examples.
  • Relevant topics can be explored in more depth during the classroom sessions especially with regards to issues that are common across all delegates within the business.

The blended approach is also cheaper as there is less time spent with the facilitator but all  that time is spent on practical use of the material.

This makes sure that this approach is the best of both worlds. The flexibility of the online training with the practical benefits of having a facilitator understand where the knowledge gap is and addressing practical issues unique to each business and individual.

Course Outline

The course outline depends on the requirements of the business. All courses listed in the online section are available using Reverse Classroom training.

Below examples of the areas we can cover

Advanced Excel

Advanced Excel Training

Pivot Tables

Pivot table training

Charting and Graphing

Excel graphing

Depending on your requirements we can build the course to cover your key learning areas and can even use your own example files.

Feedback & Who Should Attend

Ideal option for companies:

  • with time or budget constraints
  • with Excel users spread over wide geographic regions. Majority of learning can be done on their own premises and then application will be within a shorter time in a single location
  • where you can’t have 12 people out the office at the same time
  • with a wide range of skill levels and they are wanting to get everyone to a similar level 
  • with an international presence or with differing time zones
  • in countries where it is difficult to get qualified trainers to visit.
  • that would rather not fly out and accomodate 12 people in South Africa


  • …What was the purpose of the training in the first place – it is clearly so that the employee and therefore the company will be enabled to improve both the employee and therefore the company through enhanced capability…With the customised course we had via,  employees came with their own worksheets and were taught how to utilise Excel in their areas of responsibility…This time saving is ultimately a cost saving – the course – money well spent for the benefit we have all got out of it.- Health & Accident Testimonial.
  • … first the assessment is a good tool to determine that the trainee is allocated to the correct training, secondly, although the training is intense the content is brilliant and very well presented. Being able to express real live occurrences during the training makes for understanding of applications. All Krones personnel that have attended this training has had their skillset enhanced. Being proficient in excel has allowed the flow of work from department to department to become more and more efficient and not to mention, look more professional. Audit Excel is my only choice for Excel Training.- Debbie L- Krones

Pre Requisite (s)


  • Each delegate must have access to their own computer with MS Excel loaded
  • Sufficient time and access to the online courses

Excel knowledge required:

  1. Basic Excel skills (unless we are running a basic course of course)
  • Opening & closing files
  • Moving around the spreadsheet
  • Inserting & deleting rows and columns
  • Inserting text & formulas
  • Deleting cells
  • Copying formulas
  • Printing
  1. Basic formulas (+-*/) e.g. =C5+C7+sum(C9:C12), and =D5*D6/12 3. Formatting
  2. Formatting