Free Online Excel Training Course

Online Excel Training Courses

Virtual MS Excel Training

These free online Excel training course will cover the topic of getting started with Excel and is recommended for beginners or to see how the Online Excel Training works. To see which course is best for you consider doing our free Excel skills assessment. To try it out send an email to

The topics that are covered include:

  • What is Excel
  • Using cells and worksheets
  • Toolbars- how to use them
  • The formula bar and worksheet window
  • The status bar and task panes
  • Moving within a worksheet
  • Using menu items, shortcut menus and dialog boxes.

The rest of the free online excel training courses cover the following areas or you can see the other Excel online courses we offer on the Excel Online Training Pages

  • Creating a spreadsheet
  • Formatting Data
  • Editing and Printing Worksheets
  • Managing Worksheets
  • Charts and Databases
  • Hyperlinks and tips

Not a Beginner?

If the above course looks too easy for you why not see what else is available. Intermediate and advanced courses are available on Excel Online Training Pages. To assess which course is best for you look at our Excel skills assessment page.