Spanish La Liga spreadsheet sweepstakes


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Our La Liga spreadsheet sweepstakes for the 2014/ 2015 season allows groups up to 50 people to run a La Liga sweepstakes or pool based on the outcomes of the matches.

Included is a ‘Guess the Rest’ option to make it easier for players with less patience or knowledge to participate.

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La liga spreadsheet sweepstakes

Related: Have a look at all the latest sports related spreadsheets

Our la liga spreadsheet sweepstakes enables up to 50 participants to predict the league matches for the full season and compete to see who can be closest in predicting the overall result and the scores of each team. The spreadsheets are ideal for anyone wanting to run a sweepstakes or La Liga office pool around the results of the matches.

Key Features

  • Full La Liga fixture list for the entire 2014/ 2015 season in spreadsheet format
  • Separate templates for the organiser and participants
  • Participants predict the matches in one of 2 ways
    • explicitly predict each match, or
    • predict the matches and teams you care about and then use a ranking system to let Excel guess the rest (ideal for participants who want to play but don’t want to capture all the results)
  • The default sweepstake scoring is as follows (you can change them if you wish)
    • Getting the right result irrelevant of the score (i.e. win, loss, draw)- 3 points
    • Depending if you will allow it
      • Getting team 1’s correct score (e.g. you predicted 2-1 and the score was 2-0)- 1 point
      • Getting team 2’s correct score (e.g. you predicted 3-2 and the score was 4-2)- 1 point
    • Getting the goal difference correct (e.g. you predicted 3-2 and the score was 2-1)
    • Correctly guessing the league winner- 10 points
    • 5 points for each Champions League team correctly guessed
    • 5 points for each relegated team correctly guessed
    • 10 points for predicting the team that will score the most goals
    • 10 points for predicting the team that will concede the least goals
  • Watch the video clip to see how it all works

Feedback for the World Cup Sweepstakes Spreadsheet we created

  • Thanks for the sheet and excellent support. Very much appreciated. We had 48 participants and we all had a lot of fun with it.- Dre van den Elshout
  • Fantastic sheet!- Hallgeir Hollup
  • Yes I would highly recommend you to others, I already have. – Shane Benton
  • Yes, it helped unite my colleagues and demonstrate sustained interest in the world cup -Peter McDonald
  • A very good experience using the spreadsheet. I would recommend you to others -Clive A Smyth
  • Overall, an excellent sheet. Thanks for your great effort- Michael Yap
  • I would recommend you to others. This was well supported and the help you gave made the whole process very smooth indeed. -Trevor Sky
  • Recently my office completed your world cup Spreadsheet and enjoyed it. We were wondering if you are planning to do a premier league version? -Daniel Stanway
  • Spreadsheet went down a storm in my office, kept the WC interesting for everyone including those not all that keen on football. Quick question, are you guys going to do something similar for the upcoming Euro 2016 qualifiers- Stuart Sim
  • • Definitively will recommend. I had another such spreadsheet from a friend and it was heavy and cumbersome. Yours worked like a charm.- Paul Elwood
  • The spread sheet worked excellently and we thoroughly enjoyed watching the points rack up.- Mark Watson