Waterfall Chart Template


An easy way to incorporate waterfall charts in your presentation to best explain why certain movements have incurred in a business process. Easily explain the reasons that, for example, the sales budget was not met!

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Waterfall Chart Template

The waterfall chart template allows you to easily incorporate a waterfall chart (sometimes called a bridge or McKinsey chart) into your Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013 spreadsheets. This graph allows you to explain movements between, for example, the budget and actual results.

You can either learn to create the waterfall chart yourself, or purchase the template for immediate use

This template allows you to:

  1. Move the chart into your own spreadsheet for linking with your data
  2. Name the chart
  3. Automatically change the colours depending on whether the movement is up or down
  4. Insert new items or delete unwanted items (limitless but practically anything above 30 is too much)
  5. Describe each movement and have it appear on the graph for ease of referencing
  6. Show the impact of the items and the chart will automatically colour it for an up or down movement
  7. Specify where the waterfall chart must start and end
  8. Divide your descriptions into categories for clearer explanations.