Woocommerce Download Orders into Excel

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Woocommerce Download Orders spreadsheet allows you to export/ download orders from your Woocommerce Orders screen into Excel in a usable format with names and email addresses in separate columns to enable analysis and communication with your clients.

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Woocommerce Download Orders into Excel

One of the only constraints of the great Woocommerce plugin, is the ability to export or download orders into Excel or a csv so that you can analyse results and access the email addresses in a usable format.

By using the ‘Woocommerce Download Orders into Excel’ spreadsheet you can access the important information in the orders report.

Key features include:

  • Automatic link in to your WooCommerce Orders report to download the orders into Excel
  • Automatic conversion into a database showing the following fields in separate columns
    • Date of order
    • Time of order
    • Status of order
    • Order Number
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Total Amount
    • Payment via Paypal, etc

Setting Up the spreadsheet to receive the woocommerce order download

The following procedure has to be done the first time you use the file. It should be automatic after that unless you move to another computer in which case you may need to repeat some of these steps.

  • Go into your WordPress Admin section and click on WooCommerce and Orders
  • You should see something like the below. Copy the full URL (for us it is but you need to copy yours)



  • Open the excel file
  • Click on the sheet entitled Link to Woocommerce
  • Right click on cell A10
  • Click on the EDIT QUERY Option
  • Something like the image below will appear.
  • Paste the URL you copied from your WordPress site into the Address Line and click GO.
  • Wait a while until it finds the page. Depending on your settings it will either go straight to the Woocommerce Order page or else go to the login page as shown below.
  • If it goes to the login page you need to enter your username, password AND click on the Remember Me option at the bottom. Click IMPORT. (This is Excel’s way of accessing the internet and it normally makes use of Internet Explorer)


You may go directly to the Order page or you may need to navigate to the page by clicking on the appropriate links. If you get messages like the below, click YES

Once you are on the order page wait for the Yellow Arrow to appear


Click the yellow arrow so that it turns into a green tick. Click the Import button


If it asks where it must go click on cell A1. Otherwise wait while it downloads all the information. This may take some time depending on the number of transactions you have (watch the bottom of the excel screen to see how it is progressing).

When it is finished you should see rows and rows of data. Depending on your website this could be different from ours. However, somewhere it should look like this

woocommerce-download-ordersYou now need to highlight from the first order (in the case above row 306) till the last order, copy it and paste it into the Workings sheet at cell A10.

You must paste it with everything so that the formatting comes through as this is how we differentiate the name from the email address (e.g. it will Say #2579 by Adrian

Now click on the Cleaned Up sheet and you will see all the information in useful columns.


How do I see more orders in a single page

  • Change the number of records seen directly in the Woocommerce order screen i.e.
  • Go to your wordpress site and the orders page
  • As shown below at the top, click on the Screen options arrow
  • Choose how many orders you want to see in one page
  • Click Apply