World Cup predictions spreadsheet up to 50 players

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Our World Cup predictions Spreadsheet for Brazil 2014 allows groups up to 50 people to run a world cup sweepstakes or pool based on the outcomes of the group matches. This is the only spreadsheet package that will automatically update the results so that you don’t have to!


World Cup Predictions Spreadsheet for up to 50 players

Related: Have a look at all the latest sports related spreadsheets

Our World Cup Predictions Spreadsheet enables up to 50 participants to predict the group stage and knock-out matches  and compete to see who can be closest in predicting the overall result and the scores of each team. The spreadsheets are ideal for anyone wanting to run a sweepstakes or World Cup pool around the results of the group stages .

Key Features

  • Separate templates for the organiser and participants
  • Participants predict the group stages and then, based on the predicted group standings, predict the knock-out results until the winner.
  • Organiser updates the master template with all the predictions.
  • Automatically update the actual scores when the tournament is on, direct to the spreadsheet (no need to capture them yourself!)

SUGGESTION: For the knock-out stages tell the participants to enter decimals if they think there will be a winner on penalties e.g. 1.5- 1.3 would mean that the score was 1-1 and team A won on penalties with a score of 5 to 3.

  • The default sweepstake scoring is as follows (you can change them if you wish)

World Cup Group Stages Sweepstakes scoring

    • Getting the right result irrelevant of the score (i.e. win, loss, draw)- 3 points
    • Getting team 1’s correct score (e.g. you predicted 1-1 and the score was 1-0)- 1 point
    • Getting team 2’s correct score (e.g. you predicted 3-2 and the score was 2-2)- 1 point

World Cup Knock-out Stages Sweepstakes scoring

      • Each correct team in the Second Round and Quarter Finals- 4 points
      • Each correct team in the Semi Finals- 5 points
      • Each Correct Team in the Finals- 6 points
      • Correct Winner- 15 points
  • The spreadsheet is built in Microsoft Excel 2013 but will work in all versions with some loss of functionality if you are using Excel 2003.

For more instructions on how to use the spreadsheet look at the World Cup Sweepstakes Kit Instructions.



I was wondering, the points for correctly predicting the knock out stage participants say points for quarter finals, semi and final but nothing for the last 16 (second round?) is this the same as quarter final?

  • Yes, this is a typo. The points for last 16 and quarters are the same

Is there points awarded for actually predicting the scores of the knock out games or just the teams playing?

  • It is just for the teams playing. Getting the scores right does not add to the points

Lastly, I put in some results just to see how it worked and I put a draw for some of the knock out games. It seemed to randomly select one of the teams to go though. How does this work?

  • For the knock out matches you need to have a winner. You can either choose a winning score e.g. 2-1 or else if you want to indicate a penalty shoot out, use for example 1.5- 1.3 indicating a 1-1 draw with a 5-3 penalty shoot out win.

I am using Excel 2011 on an Apple Mac and it is very slow and continually thinking.

  • The version you get now by downloaded in updated but for older users the picture links on the Mac are very slow. Email us and we will send a new copy or we can tell you how to correct this.

Can you use the spreadsheet on Google Docs

  • It wasn’t built with Google Docs in mind, but some users have tried it and say it works. As an idea get all the information via Excel and then upload the masterfile to Google Docs and allow the players to see what is happening. Only limitation is that it won’t automatically update so you will need update the scores

Will you score points for correct team through to the finals (1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and final) regardless of if the team advanced from a first or second place in the group stage? Or do you have to predict the correct placing in the group stage to score points?

  • You get points for your chosen teams getting to the next stage. How they got there is not important

Can you confirm that for the knockout stages, we can enter decimal places and the master file will be able to recognise that because the actual scores are going to update themselves so will it be done in a the format to give points correctly etc

  • Yes, use a decimal if you want to indicate that there was a penalty shootout. See the note below about decimals though

Hello. I’m having issues opening the spreadsheet on my Mac.
It gives me an error message and just opens as a “read-only” file.
How can I go about fixing this issue?

  • Try and expand it out of the zip files and save it in a separate location

Just one thing, I’ve been having issues with the participants spreadsheet not opening in excel 2003

  • Please send us an email and we will send a version that works with Excel 2003. We used the IFERROR function which was not available at that time.

Do I need to change the formats in the cells? I get dates(01.03.2014) when typing 1.3 or 2.5. I have tried with commaes 1,3 also, but it did not help

  • Use the character that indicates a decimal on your computer. Some use commas and some use full stops so use whatever you normally use for a decimal