World cup sweepstakes knockout stage

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Our World Cup Knockout Spreadsheet for Brazil 2014 allows groups up to 50 people to run a world cup sweepstakes or pool based on the outcomes of the knockout matches with a unique handicapping system for backing the incorrect team.

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This is the only spreadsheet package that will automatically update the results so that you don’t have to!

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World cup sweepstakes knockout stage

Related: Have a look at all the latest sports related spreadsheets

With the qualifying groups almost decided it is time for the knockout matches of the world cup in Brazil. With this in mind we have created a World Cup Sweepstakes for the knockout stages of World Cup 2014.

The organiser receives the 2 spreadsheets. The one spreadsheet can immediately be sent to the participants even if the knockout stages are not decided as the spreadsheet will automatically update itself when the second round matches are decided.

The participants must enter the expected scores for each match.

For each match you must decide a score during normal time. If the participant predicts a draw, then the extra time score needs to be input. If it is still predicted to be a draw then a penalty score must be entered and there must be a winner. This must be done all the way to the finals.

These files must be sent back to the organiser who will input them into the Control spreadsheet (by copying cells i1 to u41 from the players file into the appropriate sheet in the organizers file).

Points for the sweepstakes are scored as follows (pre handicapping):

  • Predicting the overall result (whether it came in normal time, extra time or after penalties)
  • Predicting when the match had a result (normal time, extra time or penalties)
  • Guessing the goals scored by each team in normal time, extra time and penalties


If the participant guesses the wrong team to progress, they will effectively adopt the winning team and continue in the sweepstakes. However, their points for the subsequent rounds will be reduced as  a result of backing the incorrect team.