South32- Advanced Excel, Financial Modelling, Budgeting and Forecasting Course Review

Advanced Excel course:

Excellent course, very relevant and highly recommended.

Adrian is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Excel and more than willing to share his knowledge.

High content course supported by a detailed handbook as reference and to embed learnings.

The intricacies in Excel are pointed out as well as the odd shortcomings and pitfalls and how to get round it.

Explained in simple terms backed by relevant and practical examples and exercises as well as the solutions.

Financial modelling, Budgeting and Forecasting course (online):

The content is very relevant and practical. Short lessons with clear and concise explanations and examples followed by relevant exercises and the solutions.

The online course is structured in a logical way and easy to follow.

The obvious benefit of the online course is that you can follow your own pace and revert to previous lessons to refresh your mind on a specific topic.

This course is highly recommended, even for advanced Excel users in this discipline.

Leon B (South 32- Mozal- Mozambique)

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