Benefits of inhouse training- Health and Accident Underwriting Managers

Benefits of inhouse training

I have never been a believer in public generic courses for skills training.

The reason is that one attends such a course and the training material centres around, for example “Company XYZ selling widgets” – I don’t think anyone ever attending these courses was from a company selling widgets.

What then happens is the attendee gets back to their company and has no idea how to apply the training to their area of responsibility. The attendee does not have the time to spend when back at work at figuring out how to apply the training. The result is a waste of time and money for both the company and the attendee.

What was the purpose of the training in the first place – it is clearly so that the employee and therefore the company will be enabled to improve both the employee and therefore the company through enhanced capability.

I have never experienced this happening as a result of a public course.

With the customised course we had via,  employees came with their own worksheets and were taught how to utilise Excel in their areas of responsibility.

As an example, the training in VLOOKUP had applicability in differing ways for each employee and they learned then and there how to use it in their own work. They left the training with clear expectations on improvement in their areas of responsibility.

The training has improved the ability of the staff to analyse information through the use of excel tools in manipulating data and it has also improved the turnaround times taken to do so.

This time saving is ultimately a cost saving – the course – money well spent for the benefit we have all got out of it.

Darlene Hofman
Executive Director
Health & Accident Underwriting Managers