Excel Testimonials

Adrian was really good. He explained everything really professionally- Bookkeeper.

It dealt with my daily challenges at work- IS Management Accountant.

There was nothing I did not like about the workshop. Adrian was fantastic- Accountant.

This course really add significant value to my life as a data analyst- Lonmin

Thanks for really equipping me with the necessary skills to make my job quite easy. I now know how to use VLOOKUP to join my databases together.- Lonmin

I enjoyed everything about the course. Adrian explained everything we needed to know, and he was always willing to assist. It was also fun to do all the exercises. I got more than my expectations. I am excited to use Excel now!- Lonmin

Thanks so much for the Advanced Excel course last week. It was interesting, engaging and informative. There were lots of tricks and short-cuts that will make my financial modelling easier. I’m already starting to clean up and reorganise some of my spreadsheets and looking at ways of reporting in a more interesting way. Won’t forget to email after the 3rd time doing the same thing… there’s sure to be a more elegant solution…- Old Mutual